Business History to Meet New Challenges and Opportunities

As civilization develops, it is economic and business history which best helps us understand the way we were and what led to the way we live today.

For individual companies, it is their own and industry history that largely determines how they identify and respond to the external forces that have always largely determined success or failure Learning from how past management decisions were made to respond to epochal external changes can help face the threats, challenges and opportunities of the future.

The objective of this site is to present examples of business and economic history help us understand the way we were, how we advanced to today and how we use the lessons of the past to face the challenges and make the best of tomorrow's opportunities to continue our advancement.

Drafts of initial examples of using business and economic history to meet this objective are indicated to the right. We welcome your review and comments on any of this initial work. More importantly, your contributions or reinterpretation of any of this initial material is what enables it to become more accurate, relevant and useful.

We look forward to hearing from and responding to your views and also welcome suggestions for other work that should be initiated to better understand and apply what can be gained from business and economic history to help make our tomorrows better.


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