Technology Costs, Benefits, Choices: Communications


-35000 Europe Cave Paintings; -3500 Mesopotamia Cuneiform; -1750 Hammurabi code overview; -1500 Phoenician alphabet family tree


-150 Cai Lun paper discovery China; -27 to 180 Pax Romana law & order infrastructure; 1300 China moveable type; China paper printing highlights


1453 Gutenberg printing press metal moveable type; 1972 Clappe semaphore, 1831 Henry telegraph; 1822+ Babbage difference engine; 1843 Ada Lovelace software

1826+ Consumer Electronic


1821+ Telecommunications timeline highlights; 1831 Faraday electric induction ring, magnets

1861 Pony Express route to telegraph; 1876 Bell telephone at Centennial fair; Bell Watson work; telephone equipment



1901 Marconi Europe to Newfoundland wireless transmission; 1873 Maxwell electric waves; 1888 Hertz confirms Maxwell waves; 1894 Tesla wireless patent



1899 Fleming vacuum tube; 1905 de Forest audion tube; 1906 Fessenden super heterodyne for radio broadcasting

1925 Samuel Insull CEO Chicago; 1923 Armstrong portable radio wedding gift; 1927 Philo Farnsworth TV; 1933Armstong FM; 1939 Sarnoff TV at NY Fair

1939-2004 History of Computers Highlights

1947 Carlson Xerox; 1947 Eckert, MauchlyENIAC computer; 1947 Shockley, Brittain, Bardeen transistor Bell Labs; 1941-97 Vacuum tub to Microchip

1959 Robert Noyce Fairchild, Jack Kilby Texas Instruments invent integrated circuit; 1970's PARC Engelbart mouse; 1973 Ted Hoff Intel 4004 microprocessor

1968 ArpaNet; 1973 Cerf-Kahn packet switching TCP-IP; 1975 Cornell fiber optics; 1981 IBM PC machine of year; 1984 Cisco Lerner-Bossack, Morgridge

1986+ PC Networks; 1990's Bezos Amazon eCommerce; 1982-2010 Cell to smatphones

2000+ Smartphone progress; 1971-2010 Internet timeline applications