Technology Costs, Benefits, Choices: Food

(Excluding Energy, Transport Technologies)

--7000 Fermentation; -5000 Yeast for leavening bread; 1000 Three field crop rotation, one fallow


1492+Columbian plant and animal exchange between Europe and America; 1700's England Agriculture Revolution; 1837 Deere plow, McCormick reaper


1865+ Union Stockyards, Chicago Nature's Metropolis; Genetics -400 Hippocrates-1867 Mendel-2004 Genome; 1850+ CA agriculture-water cycle

1900's George Washington Carver plant nutrition, processing; 1909 Haber Bosch ammonia fertilizer; 1910 Luther Burbank plant hybrids, fruits


1942 Henry Wallace VP with Roosevelt; 1926 Pioneer, 1999 to DuPont $9 Billion; Wallace generations, Uncle Henry PA farm (r); 1930 Birdseye freeze dry foods


1944 Borlaug Rockefeller Green Revolution wheat Mexico, rice Asia; 1953 Crick Watson DNA double helix; Franklin, Crick, Watson, Wilkins


1990's Bovine Somatotropin milk production; 1996 Wilmut Rostin and Dolly clone; 1996+ Genetic engineering agriculture seed traits


1996+ Seed Industry consolidation; 1997 Monsanto, GMO seed market; GMO History


GMO plant seed to market process; GMO Foods, market penetration; Photosynthesis and artificial potential