Session 1: Food and energy ties technology and innovation potentials


Food and Energy Ties

Fosssil fuels are energy in stored sunlight

After Ice Ages Wild Grains BecameDomesticated from Anatolia and Other Regions


Until Industrial Revolution in 18th Century Energy Came from Wind, WaveWood or Muscle

Food is stored sunlight energy via photosynthesis, just as fossil fuel energy is stored sunlight

During 1700's Steam and coal surpassed wood as energy source as England was deforested


In 1798 Malthus postulated that population would outrun food, but to date technology has refuted that premis, despite energy food links





Ethanol from corn spurred by subsidies and incentives of 2003 Energy Act


Energy and food tied together by sun, photosynthesis, formation, growth, use


Hetch Hetch and Hoover Dam for California and Arizona Power and Irrigation

Central Valley Project for California Water and US Water Resources


Energy use supports food production that facilitates population growth and global warming




Petroleum and food prices more related to supply and demand than global warming


Petroleum supplies over 90% of transportation fuel, nearly 100% for motor vehicles

Carbon dioxide is small but significant greenhouse gas


Nuclear, solar, wind, wave, geothermal energy avoid carbon emission but are costlier than fossil fuel

Agriculture mechanization and productivity growth offset Malthus food predictions until 20 th century


Enormous financial flows from food and energy trade are growing rapidly with price rises