Technology Breakthroughs Since Industrial Revolution

And How They Changed Our Lives

Course Outline and Topics fo Class I - VIII


Class I – Industrial Revolution – Steam for Textiles, Mines, and Metals

Intro Video: Steam from Hero of Alexandria to Newcomen and Watt




Class II – Steam Transport – For Water and Rail


Intro Video: Erie Canal, Railroads from B&O to Transcontinental




Class III –Communications– Electricity for Telegraph, Telephone, Light


Intro Video: Ric Burns Way West, Bell Telephone, Edison Miracle of Light




Class IV – Home and Work – Factory, Building, Food, Appliances


Intro Video: Carnegie: World’s Richest Man; Chicago: City of Century Skyscrapers





Class V – Road and Air – Petroleum Fuels Autos to Jets


Intro Video: The Prize: Auto Evolution; Chasing the Sun: Jet Transport



Class VI – Entertainment –Print to Audio and Video Broadcast/Recording


Intro Video: Empires of Air segments on Sarnoff, Armstrong, De Forest


Class VII – Chemicals, Synthetics – Oil, Celluloid to Fiber, Plastic, Energy


Intro Video: The Prize: Titusville, Rockefeller, Aramco, Petrochemical Segments


Class VIII – High Tech – Computers, Internet, Life Science, Globalization


Intro Video: Machine that Changed the World