Technology Breakthroughs and How They Change Our Lives

Timelines have always been helpful in constructing a framework in which key events and breakthroughs in one field can be related to progress in other areas during the same period. Within an industry, timelines illustrate how the work of various inventors, innovators, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs ties to and often extends the progress of earlier work.

We can imagine how individuals who are instrumental to great technology breakthroughs might feel when viewing their work in the context of contributions of others to the same field. It is just like each of us, as we think back on our own lives and remember much more of how we felt, who we were with and the way we were, when prompted by the sounds, music and words of the past timelines of our times.

Explanation of Timelines for Technology Breakthroughs Course Industries

Timelines to accompany the industries in the Technology Breakthroughs and How They Change Our Lives course are largely drawn from the exceptional compilation of Bryan Bunch in the remarkable 2004 History of Science and Technology. The industry timelines are included as they relate to each of the Breakthroughs class sessions on the bar at right of this page.

Other timelines that pertain to technology breakthroughs are included as links in the Bibliographic Resources just after the class image links and before the individual class session website links for background and reference information.



I. Industrial Revolution

II. Water and Rail Transportation

III Electricity Telegraph Telephone

IV. Home and Work

V. Road and Air Transport

VI. Entertainment Broadcasting and Recording

VII. Chemicals and Energy

VIII. Computer, Telecommunications, BioTechnology

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