Key Yr. Name Name Invention, Discovery, Event
Chem 1827 Walker John Brit invents friction match, antimony sulfide and potassium chlorate tip
Chem 1856 Perkin Henry Synthesizes artifical (aniline) dye, mauve
Chem 1856 Perkin F-Color Chemistry Dyes Summary
Chem 1858 Hofmann August Magenta dye from coal tar
Chem 1861 Solvay Ernest Efficient sodium bicarbonate process from salt water, ammonia, CO2
Chem 1865 Organic Chem F-Sum Berzelius, Berthelot, Wohler, Biot, Liebig, Kolbe, Kekuhl, Schonbein, Perkin, Hofmann, Hyatt
Chem 1888 Kahlbaum George Plastic bottles from metacrylate, 1st plastic
Chem 1890 Despeissis Louis Cellulose from cellulose in copper ammonionium solution of Schwietzer in 1857
Chem 1891 Frasch Herman Sulfur removal from deep wells with supheated water
Chem 1892 Cross, Bevan Beadle Viscose rayon process founds artificial fiber industry
Chem 1930 Semon Waldo PVC from Goodrich labs, IG Farben polysterene, also at time melamine resin
Materials 1823 MacIntosh Charles Rubber disolved in naphtha, waterproofing
Materials 1839 Goodyear Charles Vulcanization rubber, sulfur added for hot cold stability. Sulfur crosslinks with rubber polymer
Materials 1868 Spill Daniel Xylonite precursor to Celluloid synthetic plastic
Materials 1869 Hyatt John Celluloid, not independent of Parkes, Spill, ivory billiard substitute,
Materials 1882 Swan Joseph Artificial silk rayon from cellulose, Bernigaud produces 1884
Materials 1891 Acheson Edward Carborundum from diamond attempt
Materials 1893 Moissan Henri Artifical diamond from heat and pressure
Materials 1893 Libbey Edward fabric woven from glass fibers and silk
Materials 1902 Reseach Company GE 1901, DuPont, Park Davis
Materials 1904 Parkin W.C. Salt added for non flammable celluloid
Materials 1905 Safety Glass Celluloid between 2 glass layers
Materials 1905 Einstein F-P-Albert Michelson, Morley, Williams, Lorentz, Fitzgerald, Einstein, Maxwell, Eotvos, Minkowski, Eddington
Materials 1906 Baekeland Leo Formaldyhyde phenol heated with pressure for Bakelite
Materials 1908 Brandenberger Jacques Cellophane tape patent
Materials 1909 Baekeland Leo Bakelite begins replacing wood, ivory, hard rubber
Materials 1918 Composites F-Sum Griffith strong glass fiber, fiberglass, graphite, Kevlar, Kwolek, silicon doped arsenic or boron
Materials 1924 Resins Urea formaldyhyde doorknobs to electrical switchplates
Materials 1927 Drew Richard Scotch ellophane tape, on sale 1928
Materials 1933 Michels Johannes ICI commercializes Dutch developed polyethylene plastic
Materials 1934 Switzer Joseph Fluorescent paint, found DayGlo
Materials 1935 Carothers Wallace Dupont nylon patent, discovered 1934, start in 1927
Materials 1935 Adams Basil Ion exchange resins from coal remove salts from water
Materials 1937 Druyne Norman Gordon-Aerolite plastic blend of flax and phenolic resin, forerunner of fiberglass
Materials 1940 Whinfeld Dickson Terylene in UK, Dacron US, better heat resistance than nylon, wear than rayon, holds color
Materials 1941 Bayer Otto Farben polyurethane from 1937-9 Bayer work
Materials 1942 Denoye Gross Johnson & Johnson produce duck tape waterproof seal for ammunition, later duct tape
Materials 1943 Dow Corning Silicones
Materials 1947 Graham Robert Armorite, first plastic lens for spectacles
Materials 1948 Mestral George Velcro idea from burs on socks and dog coat
Materials 1948 Glidden Latex paint, fast dry, water base, easy cleanup
Materials 1951 Joyner Fred Cyanocrylate sticks to everything, becomes Kodak Superglue
Materials 1955 Lorch Walter Ion exchange to soften water
Materials 1964 Kwolek Stephanie Kelvar high strength, low weight plastic
Materials 1965 Faria Wright Astroturf mainly from nylon
Materials 1967 Shirikawa Hideki Polyacytelene after too much catalyst, metallic, small electric conduct
Materials 1974 3M Post it notes after noticing that good bookmark is needed
Materials 1976 Shirakawa Kideki Bromine to polyacetylene increases elctrical conductivity
Materials 1987 Superconductors F-Sum Onnes, Bardeen, Cooper, Schrieffer, Bednorz, Muller, Josephson junction
Materials 1987 Ching-WuChu Paul Superconductor at liquid nitrogen temp -321F
Materials 1987 Nippon Zeon Plastic with memory, when bent keeps shape at low temp, returns at higher
Materials 1991 Iijima Sumio Nanotubes discovered, carbon atoms in chicken wire patterns
Petro 1849 Young James Distilled coal tar, paraffin for candles, sealing, lub, adhesives begins with rubber cement
Petro 1853 Kier Samuel Kerosene first from Abe Gesner via coal, then petro to replace whale oil for light
Petro 1854 Silliman Benjamin Distills oil to tar, haphthalene, gasoline, solvents
Petro 1859 Drake Edwin Titusville oil well drilled suffessfully, start of geog research in oil finds
Petro 1863 Van Syckel Samuel PA 1st oil pipeline to railway 7 mi
Petro 1865 Rockefeller John 1st large oil refinery Cleveland
Petro 1908 Hughes Tool Steel-toothed rock drill bit
Petro 1911 Burton William Thermal cracking for refining petroleum
Petro 1912 Bergius Friedrich High pressure hydrogen saturate coal and petro, leads to liquefaction coal
Petro 1968 Seven Sisters Supertanker, Suez less important