Invention, Discovery, Event
Audio 1888 Smith Oberlin Magnetic sound recording system
Audio 1888 Berliner Emile Fl+F264at disk phto record, chemical and wax groove etch options
Audio 1893 Poulsen Valdemar Magnetic recorder on steel wire wrapped around cylinder
Audio 1894 Marconi P-Guiglielmo First radio qpt, rings bell 30 ft away
Audio 1894 Radio F-Sum Maxwell, Fitzgerald, Hertz, Lodge, Branly, Marconi, Fessenden, Armstrong, de Forest
Audio 1895 Sabine Wallce Acoustic engineering for music halls
Audio 1899 Marconi Guliermo UK France radio link
Audio 1900 Fessenden Reginald Radio frequency alternator for AM signals
Audio 1900 Tesla Nicola Radio wave proposal to detect motion, basis of radar
Audio 1901 Fessenden Reginald Heterodyne of 2 radio signals in receiver giving 3rd equal to freq difference, Armstrong super het
Audio 1905 Marconi Guglielmo Directional radio antenna
Audio 1906 Fessenden Reginald Music transmission radio waves to receivers on ships at sea
Audio 1906 Dunwoody Henry Carborundum, silicon detect faint radio waves, lead to crystal sets
Audio 1907 DeForest F-E352Lee Audion amplified vacuum tube, adds grid to Fleming 2 element tube
Audio 1913 Meissner Alexander Radio transmitted based on vacuum tubes
Audio 1914 Armstrong Edwin Radio receiver circuit regeneration, enhances sensitivity, selectivity, super het in 1918
Audio 1919 de Forest Lee Sound sychronized with picture record photoelectric cell
Audio 1922 Carson John FM described Pitt, PA
Audio 1924 Zenith Portable radio 15 lb, $230
Audio 1931 Rickenbacker Barth, Beauchamp Electric guitar microphone to amplifier and loudspeaker
Audio 1931 Two channel sound Patent Stereophonic sound
Audio 1932 Armstrong Edwin FM patent, adopted in 50's, fortune lost fighting patent, wins after death
Audio 1940 Paul Les Log electric guitar solid body minimizes vibration
Audio 1948 Goldmark Peter LP
Audio 1948 Ampex Magnetic tape recorder
Audio 1961 Radio Broadcasting FM Stereo broadcasting
Audio 1963 Philips Cassette tapes for recording and playing sound
Audio 1967 Dolby Ray Eliminates background sound on tapes
Audio 1970 Reddy Raj Hearsay speech recognition software
Audio 1972 Threshold Tech VIP 100 speech recognition system
Audio 1979 sony Walkman earphones, portable, tape cassettes, 1st have 2 earphones
Audio 1981 Sony Philips Polygram CD standard for music, record and tape replacement starts
Audio 1983 Kurzwell Music Portable keyboard music system, 30 instrument sounds
Photo 1822 Niepce Joseph & Claude Silver chloride fixed positive photo image
Photo 1835 Talbott William Invents photography, experimental pictures
Photo 1839 Talbott William Fox Describes photography: negatives, silver iodide light sensitive paper, patent 1841
Photo 1839 Daguerre Louis Silver image on copper plate photo images
Photo 1847 Saut-Victor Abel Aluminum for glass plate photos used until celluloid
Photo 1861 Maxwell James Color photo with Thomas Sutton from red, green,
Photo 1863 Caselli Giovanni Pantelegraph facsimile on Alexander Bain and Frederick Bakewll ideas, impractical
Photo 1879 Eastman George Photo emulsion coating machine, mass producing photo dry plates
Photo 1881 Marey Etienne Many pictures in short time, motion picture precursor, animal study
Photo 1884 Eastman George Roll film with William Walker
Photo 1884 Nipkow Paul Scanning disk, TV precursor
Photo 1887 Goodwin Hannibal Celluloid photo film
Photo 1888 Edison Thomas Kinetoscope synchronize sound picture from cylinder with photos
Photo 1888 Eastman George Paper roll film box camera
Photo 1892 Baekeland Leo Photo paper sensitive, printing with artificial light Velox
Photo 1896 Radiation F-X-Ray Herschel, Bitter, Maxwell, Crookes, Becquerel, Rutherford, Geiger
Photo 1902 Korn Arthur Telephotography break down, reconstruct image, elec transmission
Photo 1913 Belin Edouard Belinograph portable facsimile machine
Photo 1935 Kodak Kodachrome color process
Photo 1936 Siegrist Fisher Agfa color from color dyes
Photo 1947 Land Edwin Instant photography invented, Polaroid in 1948
Photo 1973 Fairchild Semiconductor CCD charge coupled device imaging chip 100x100 pixels, future base of digital photos
Photo 1981 Binnig Rohrer IBM STM scanning tunneling microscope, image surfaces clsely
Print 1829 Burt William Unwieldy but workable typewriter
Print 1833 Progin Xavier Keyboard typewriter drive letters on hammers
Print 1840 Young James 1st typesetter after Bessemer design
Print 1844 Siemans Werner Zinc plate copy system, riased in relief
Print 1847 Hoe Richard Rotary and web pringing presses, 18,000 double side/hr
Print 1872 Sholes Christopher Querty by Sholes, mfg in 1874 by Remington, Edison patents electric typewriter
Print 1878 Ives Fred Halftone process for printing photos as college student
Print 1878 Sholes Christopher Upper case, Twain first user
Print 1880 Faulds Henry Fingerprinting
Print 1884 Waterman Lewis Fountain pen
Print 1884 Mergenthaler Ottmar Linotype
Print 1894 Lodge Oliver Phtocomposition projection of type on sensitive plate
Print 1895 Wagner Franz Underwood typewriter, typist sees words, like Oliver 1892
Print 1902 Blickensderfer George Electric typewriter
Print 1904 Rubel Ira Offset rubber pad transmit image from lithographic plate to paper
Print 1935 IBM Electric typewriter
Print 1937 Carlson Chester Xerography based on selenium, years of development ahead
Print 1938 Biro Lazlo Ball point pen patent
Print 1959 Xerox Dry copier introduced
Print 1961 IBM Selectric Rotating ball of Selectric typewriter
Print 1975 IBM High speed laser printer 3800
Ptint 1867 Sholes Christopher With Glidden, Soule, 1st viable typewriter as Remington Model I
Video 1891 Edison Thomas Motion pictures on celluloid Eastman film
Video 1895 Lumiere Auguste Cinematagraphe, projection version of Edison kinetescope, 16 frames/sec, 35mm film
Video 1895 Castler Herman Mutoscope rotating cards on wheel coin operated movies
Video 1897 Braun Karl Cathode ray display, vacuum tube electrons aimed for fluorescent image
Video 1906 Lieben Glage-Dieckmann TV via cathode ray tube
Video 1922 Farnsworth Philo Electronic TV system described
Video 1923 Zworkin Vladimir Iconoscope electronic TV camera
Video 1925 Baird John TV picture of human face
Video 1925 Zworkin Vladimir Color TV patent, granted 1928
Video 1927 Jolson Al Talking Pictures Jazz Singer
Video 1928 GE Begins TV broadcasts
Video 1932 Sarnoff David RCA demo TV receiver with cathode ray tube, broadcasts from Empire State
Video 1940 Goldmark Peter CBS color TV broadcast system
Video 1951 Waller Fred Cinerama three projector curved screen
Video 1951 Ampex Demonstrate Armour Research videotape recorder, start research
Video 1952 Film TV band 3-D with polarizing glasses, Cinemascope compressed on film, decompressed projection, UHF starts
Video 1953 NBC CBS Color TV broadcasting
Video 1962 Holonyak Nick Light emitting diode LED
Video 1970 Sony Viceocassette for home TV recording
Video 1972 Bushnell Acorn,Al Atari introduces Pong, Odyssey of Ralph Baer from Magnavox 1st home video game
Video 1976 JVC VHS videotape format, bests Betamax from Sony
Video 1979 Philips Sony Video disk