Invention, Discovery, Event
Build 1801 Finley James Suspension bridge Pittsburg
Build 1820 Thompson Ithiel Invents bridge strengthening with long horizontal beam lattice truss
Build 1824 Aspdin Joseph Brit patents Portland cement, high calcination temp
Build 1832 Paxton Joseph Ridge and furrow approach to strengthen roofs
Build 1841 Stephenson Joseph Steam hammer introduced to drive piles
Build 1841 Roebling John First wire rope for suspension bridges
Build 1841 Eads James Diving bell, Miss salvage, 1956 1stMiss RR bridge StL
Build 1845 Roebling John Suspension aqueduct for PA canal
Build 1851 Paxton F-Joseph Glass curtain walls hung from girders, exhibition hall to today's mall
Build 1852 Otis Elisha Elevator safety brake, makes skyscrapers possible
Build 1853 Carpentier Pierre Corrugated steel plate
Build 1867 Monier Joseph Fr Ersaille gardener invents reinforced concrete
Build 1875 Sherwin Williams 1st ready made paint
Build 1879 Jenney le Baron Chicago Leitner Building, 1st skyscraper
Build 1882 Tunnels St. gothard completed, Channel stopped by politics
Build 1883 Jenney le Baron Home Insurance, 1st tall steel frame skeleton to support brick face, large windows
Build 1888 Von Kannel Theodore Revolving door
Build 1889 Sullivan Louis Auditorium bldg 1st forced air ventilation with Adler
Build 1889 Skyscraper F-Sum Jenney, Sullivan
Build 1892 Hennebique Francois Rectangular steel fram improve reinforced concrete
Build 1918 Polk Willis Paxton curtain-wall in large Halladie SF, van der Rohe in '50's in NY
Build 1931 Ammann Othmar George Washington bridge, over double length
Build 1931 Raskow Jacob Empire State building completed
Build 1933 West Water Grand Coulee start , largest ever, 550 ft x 4173 ft
Build 1936 Hoover Herbert Boulder Hoover dam completed, creating Lake Mead, hydro, irrigation
Build 1939 Einstein Albert Letter to FDR Aug 2 launches Manhattan project
Build 1942 Spedding Frank Two tons pure Ur for A Bombs, Fermi Stagg Field pile Italian Navigator
Build 1943 Manhattan F-Sum Szilard, Einstein, Fermi, Wigner, CGO, Stagg, Los Alamos
Build 1945 Oppenheimer Robert A Bomb Almagorda, Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Build 1947 AEC US Brookhaven peacetime nuclear reactor
Build 1948 Telkes Raymond Solar home heating, women engineer, architect
Build 1951 Zinn Walter Arco Idaho breeder reactor, making more plutonium and uranium fuel
Build 1952 Pilkington Alistair Float glass for continuous glass sheet, floats and stretched on liquid tin
Build 1958 Rohe Ludwig Mies Seagrams NY prototype office tower
Build 1964 Ammann Othmar Verrazano Bridge opens, last Moses mega project
Build 1964 Egypt USSR Aswan dam completed, silt worry
Build 1972 NY NJ Port Authority World Trade completed, 1368 ft
Build 1973 Sears Tower Sears Tower 1450 ft, now exceeded by Taiwan, KL
Build 1977 Paris France Pompidou Center, pipes and infrastructure on outside
Build 1979 NY NY MOMA Museum Tower tallest cast-in-place concrete
Build 1983 Auburn Canada Largest thin arch dam 685x4150 ft
Food 1795 Appert P-Nicolas Fr won food preserving prize from Napoleon with canning, heat to boil, airtight glass jar seal
Food 1810 Durqand Peter Brit practicality substitutes tin can for breakable glass
Food 1819 Wood Jethro Patent on improved cast iron plow with moldboard designed by T Jefferson
Food 1825 Faraday Michael Benzene hexachloride, 1st 20th century insecticide
Food 1831 McCormick Cyrus 1st reper demonstration
Food 1833 Hussey Lane Reaper patent, plow improved for midwest soil
Food 1836 Moore Hiram With John Hascall patent combined harvester thresher
Food 1837 Deere John Saw blade steel plows for IL soil
Food 1837 Dieudonne Joseph Fr ag chem discovers nitrogen fixation, need for crop rotation to replenish soil
Food 1845 Cooper Peter From Tom Thumb locomotive to gelatin desert invention
Food 1846 Nitrogen F-Sum Guano to Haber-Bosch
Food 1848 Pasteur Louis Pasteurization, cleanliness
Food 1854 Borden Gail Heat and vacuum pan process for condensed milk, takes off in Civil War
Food 1863 Pasteur F-Louis Discovers microorganisms sour wine and turn it to vinegar, kills them with heat: pasteurization
Food 1868 Mege-Mouries H Blended margarine butter substitute
Food 1870 Lyman William Patent canopener with wheel on lever chisel basis
Food 1871 Burbank Luther Burbank potato, berries, plums, other food to come
Food 1873 Hatch Fred Modern grain airtight silo McHenry IL
Food 1874 Gliddon Joseph Double strand barbed wire patent, encloses west
Food 1878 Baldwin Anna Suction milking machine, not used until 1913
Food 1879 Remsen Ira Coal tar study results in saccharin sweetner
Food 1881 Swift Gustav Refrig rail cars for transporting meat from slaughterhouse to market
Food 1886 Pemberton John Coca Cola secret formula rather than patent
Food 1892 Froelich John 1st tractor with engine
Food 1892 Dewar James Dewer thermos double walled flask, vacuum between
Food 1895 Post Charles Health food postum, grape nuts 1897 misnomer
Food 1896 Carver George W Sweet potatoes, peanuts to regenerate land, 10's new uses
Food 1901 Hart Parr Successful gas tractor
Food 1906 Arsonval Jacques Freeze drying in Paris
Food 1915 Corning Glass Pyrex
Food 1917 Birdseye Clarence Freezing to preserve foods
Food 1937 Ossius Fred Miracle Mixer becomes Waring Blendr, named for brother in law Fred
Food 1938 Nestle Instant coffee, 8 yr development
Food 1945 Spencer Percy Microwave from radar to oven
Food 1950 Cyclamate Artificial sweetener
Food 1955 Felden R.J. Diquat herbicide
Food 1963 Fraze Ermal Pop top cans
Food 1964 Intl Rice Research Green revolution launched with new strains burgeoning productivity
Food 1965 Searle Labs Aspartame Nutrasweet sweetener
Food 1975 McDonalds BigMac Polystyrene clamshell packaging for fastfood
Food 2000 US NatScience Genetic food Ok now, but caution urged
Gas 1815 Davy P-Humphrey Coal mine safety lamp
HA 1830 Budding Edwin Reel lawn mower
HA 1831 Perkin Jacob Airconditioning patent on cold air from tunnel system
HA 1842 Woodward Thomas Safety pin
HA 1848 Yale Linus Lock on pins in rotating cylinder patent
HA 1849 Hunt Walter Invents safety pin in 3 hr, patents, assigns for debt
HA 1857 Carre Ferdinand Refrigerator on expansion of ammonia gas Fr.
HA 1866 Osterhouldt J Metal can for food, opened with can opener key that rolls on top
HA 1876 von Linde Karl Practical refrigerator with methyl ether coolant with ammonia
HA 1882 Everitt Percival Vending machine, goods for coins
HA 1882 Seely Henry Electric iron
HA 1886 Crapper Thomas UK toilet high tank, chain, curved drainpipe
HA 1893 Harvey James Vacuum cleanter
HA 1901 Gilette King Safety razor
HA 1901 Booth Hubert Vacuum cleaner after seeing dust blowing machine
HA 1902 Carrier Willis Air conditioner
HA 1916 Fisher John Electric washing machine
HA 1918 Kelvinator successful refrigerator
HA 1949 Trombe Felix Experimental solar oven, paraboloid mirror
HA 1953 P&G Colgate Detergent sales pass soap
HA 1959 Urry Lew Alkaline dry cell battery from Everready
Metal 1725 Darby Abraham Coal rather than wood/charcoal for hotter fires, cast iron, better machines, building
Metal 1774 Wilkinson John Precision boring mill patent, improves steam engines
Metal 1803 Brunel Isambard Develops installs machine tool set for ship's blocks Portsmouth.Maudsley makes tools, productivity up 10x
Metal 1803 Maudsley Henry Brit lathe and machine tool father, after Vaucanson 1775 lathe
Metal 1818 Whitney Eli Milling machine, steam horizontal tablepasses at right angle under rotating cutter, no patent
Metal 1835 Colt Samuel Patents revolver
Metal 1845 Fairbairn William Rivet machine for steam boilers
Metal 1852 Kelly William Develops but doesn't patent Bessemer process with four Chinese steel experts
Metal 1856 Bessemer Henry Steel inexpensivewith air blast to molten iron coke for hotter fire, carbon out
Metal 1856 Siemens Friedrich Regenetrive furnace, forerunner open hearth
Metal 1861 Brown Joseph Universal milling machine for spiral and gear cutting
Metal 1868 Siemens William Bessemer superseded with open hearth process
Metal 1885 Courts California Hydraulic mining banned due to environment
Metal 1886 Hall Charles Aluminum from alumina and electricity economically, also Hieroult FR
Metal 1887 Grant George Hob for cutting gears
Metal 1890 Pain Albert Lub thru joints canals
Metal 1891 Hyatt John From celluloid to Hyatt roller bearings, still used
Metal 1892 Moissan Henri Electrical arc furnace for metallurgy
Metal 1898 Taylor Winslow Tempering steel for high speed metal cutting
Metal 1904 Guillet Leon Stainless steel, fails to notice non-corrosion