Inventor Highlights of History of American Business & Industry AmHert and BW
1648 Winthrop, John Capitalist Saugus Iron Works, 1641 trip to UK, return with ironmasters. Plant op from 1646-68, ended in financial failure
1776 Bushnell, David Submarine Revolutionary War and Washington in NY
1780 Gervinus Circular Saw Improved version by Newberry in 1807
1783 Evans, Oliver Mechanical grist mill, vehicle From machine tool carders to clean cotton to milling, to steam engines for water pumping, dredging, vehicles
1783 Stiegel, Henry William Glassmaking From ironmaker to glass after bring skilled UK glassmakers to Lancaster
1784 Bramah, Joseph Safety Lock Led to James Sargent combination lock 1857, Sam Segal jimmy proof locks 1916, Harry Soref Master Lock 1921
1789 Slater, Samuel Textile Factory Providence Textile Mill, Moses Brown, Slater start 1st textile mill owned by Brown, son-in-law William Almy
1791 Hamilton, Alexander Politician Father of US economic system via Report on Manufacturers encouraging protection to develop independence
1793 Whitney, Eli Cotton Gin Later interchangeable parts via Springfield armory
1800 Hadfield Brickmaking Patented machine first
1804 E.I DuPont Gunpowder manufacture Reliable gunpowder from saltpeter along Brandywine
1806 Colgate, William Soap Factory NY mass production way before 1837 Procter & Gamble soap and candle sales in Cincinnati
1807 Fulton, Robert Steamboat Followed Colonel Stevens 1804 lead and developed Clermont with Robert Livingston as partner Mississippi market
1814 Lowell, Francis Cabot Textile Capitalist Waltham plant to Lowell girls, 1st large US business company
1814 Terry, Eli Clockmaker First mantel clock in CN
1817 Gilpin, Thomas Newprint Delawre machine made paper from cylinder of wires and felt that picked up pulp to rolls for flattening.
1819 Wood, Jethro Plow First use of interchangeable parts
1820 Eastman, Robert Circular Saw Led to many saw making plants, most notably Disston Philadelphia
1824 Schoenberger, Peter Capitalist Juanita Iron Workds in Pittsburg, later Wheeling 'Nail City'
1830 Cooper, Peter Fabricated Iron Canton and Trenton Iron Works to Atlantic telegraph cable, to NY education
1831 Draper, John Williams Daguerreotype Plates Bromine, iodine fumes improve Daquerre process led to Scovill metal daguerreotype plates, StL Lambert glass plates
1833 Geissenhainer, Frederick Anthracite for Iron To replace disappearing forests and charcoal, improved by Peter Cooper
1834 Perkins, Jacob Refrigerator John Gorrie improved in 1844 based on Oliver Evans design
1835 Howe, John Straight Pins North Salem NY patent for mass production machine
1836 Pitt, Hiram and John Thresher Threshing separating and winnowing 200-250 bushels wheat a day in Maine
1836 Colt, Samuel Six Shooter From whittler to revolving cylinder patent to Patent Arms Manufacturing Co.
1840 Lane, John Plow Blade Blade steel for scouring matted roots of prairie grasses, improved by blacksmith John Deere
1842 Dart, Joseph Granary Elevator Filled directly from hold of docked ship, first in Buffalo, then cenetered in Chicago
1844 Steven, Robert (Col John son) T Rails T shaped rail cross section and iron rails made to T design at Salvag Iron in Maryland
1845 Fitch, Stephen Turret lathe Robbins and Lawrence produced commercially by 1855
1845 Niles Brothers Machine Tools Predated 1865 origins of Cincinnati Milacron
1846 Roebling, John Iron Cable From Hauling Ohio canal boats over Alleghenies to suspension bridges and brooklyn
1846 Cornell, Ezra Telecom Capitalist Commercialized Morse, Joseph Henry, Alfred Vail telegraph work, Western Union with Sibley in 1856
1846 Kelly, William Bessemer Process Cold air blown on hot iron heated iron through carbonizing sparks, Bessemer and ladle in 1856
1846 Howe, Elias Sewing Machine Extended Hunt lock stitch machine, Singer improved further, 1854 Howe patent victory, 1856 patent pool
1847 Hoe, Robert Cylinder press type of revolving cylinder for continuous rotary press
1849 Corliss, George Henry Rotary valve steam engine Led to rediprocating engine
1850 Baldwin, Matthias Locomotive Former watchmaker increased steam pressure, sand box for braking, cabs on locomotives, also Norris Phil plants
1851 Nrown, J.R. Vernier Caliper Measurements to thousandth of inch
1852 Yale, Linus Locks Interchangeable parts from precision tools
1853 Jerome, Chauncy Clocks Automation Substituted brass for wood watch gears, cost down to $1
1855 Borden, Gail Milk Preservation Evaporation in vacuum for powdered milk
1857 Field, Cyrus Telegraph cable Underwater telegraph cable
1858 Mason, John Screw top jar Contribution to canning fruits and vegetables
1860 Pratt, Francis, Whitney, Amos Machine tools Precision machinery after Phoenix Iron in Hartford
1863 Craske, Charles Printing Plates Stereotype plates cast from impressions on papier-mache matrices
1866 Nobel, Alfred Dynamite Explosive that could be safely controlled and detonated
1877 Selden, George Automobile Gasoline engine powered vehicle developed in Rochester, patent granted in 1895
1893 Duryea, Charles and Frank Automobile First US gasoline driven car in Springfield
1894 Haynes, Elwood Automobile Kokomo IN metalugist and petroleum engineer
1895 Lilienthal, Otto Airplane Auronautics through tables
1896 Ford, Olds Automobile Autoas with internal combustion engines
1896 Langley, Samuel Airplane 30 lb steam driven model flew for half mile over Potomac
1897 Winton, Alexander Auto Parts Cleveland bicycle repair to building bigger cars
1902 Studebaker brothers Automobile From chuck wagons, Conestogas, artillery wagons to elecrric and then 16hp gasoline buggies
1904 Kettering, Charles Auto Parts From NCR elecric cash register to auto starter ignition system as Delco head to Ethyl and tetraethyllead
1913 Curtiss, Glenn Airplane From motorcycle racer, to air engine builder to hydroplane
1920 Hughes, Howard Oil Drill Bits Developed and patented over 400 bits for drilling through rock and earth