Technology Breakthroughs Since Industrial Revolution

And How They Changed Our Lives


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I. Industrial Revolution

Pre Industrial Revolution

UK Industrial Revolution

US Industrial Revolution


II. Early Transportation

Water 1785-1862

Rail 1800-1900


III. Electricity and communications

Electricity 1750-1900

Telegraph and Telephone 1844-1915


IV. Home, Work and Community

Food 1837-1970

Construction 1840-1970

Home Appliances 1854-1955

Heavy Industry 1800-1915


V. 20 th Century Transportation

Motor Vehicle 1876-1960

Air 1900-1974

Water, Rail 1900-90


VI. Entertainment Broadcasting and Recording


Printing, Photo, Recording


VII. Synthetics

Chemicals 1844-1975

Oil, Nuclear 1859-1980


VIII. Information and Biotechnology

Mainframe to Personal Computer 1947-1983

Laser to Telecom and Internet 1954-2000

Health and Biotech 1860-2000