Invention, Discovery, Event
Air 1852 Giffard P-Henri Steam powered airship dirigible Fr.
Air 1871 Lilienthal Otto Bird flight study for airplane with engine
Air 1877 Forlanni Enrico Steam helicopter rises to 45 ft for 1 minute, Lilienthal gliders, Thornycroft air cushion boat
Air 1895 Wilson Charles Cloud chamber, weather, nuclear applications later
Air 1896 Schwarz David Croatian aluminum frame, sheeting airship, hydrogen lift, Zeppelin buys rights
Air 1896 Langley Samuel Steam airplane, 1.2 km on Potomac before crash
Air 1901 Wright Brothers First glider, Lilienthal glider advances in years before
Air 1903 Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk Dec 17, 12 hp 59 second flight
Air 1905 Voissin Babriel Airplane factory Fr
Air 1914 Sperry Elmer Autopilot, not used for 20 years
Air 1914 Jannus Tony Airline Tampa-St.Pete
Air 1915 Junker Germany All metal, cantilevered wings to fuelage, Fokker adds timed machine gun
Air 1923 Cierva Juan P-autogiro concept on crash in UK
Air 1929 Griffith A.A. Gas turbine for airplanes
Air 1930 Whittle Frank Patens jet engine, 11 yrs to flight
Air 1931 Winkler Johannes Liquid propelled rocket
Air 1933 Post Wiley Around world solo flight 7 days, 19 hours
Air 1934 von Braun Werner Alcohol and liquid oxygen rocket
Air 1935 Watson-Watt Robert Radar experiments
Air 1936 Focke Heinrich Practical helicopter, angle change of rotor for back or forward
Air 1937 Whittle Griffith Working jet engine, also Hans Pabst von Ohain in Germany
Air 1939 Sikorsky Igor Mass production helicopter
Air 1942 UK AirForce Fiberglass in radar antenna domes, glass fibers in polyester resin
Air 1942 Braun Werner V2 rocket
Air 1947 Yaeger Chuck Supersonic flight
Air 1949 deHaviland Geoffrey Designed Comet 1st jet passenger introduced by UK, material fatigue crashes in 2 years
Air 1957 Korolev Sergei Sputnik Nov 3 with dog Laika, lives for 10 days
Air 1961 Gagarin Shepard USSR orbits earth, US suborbital, Apollo under Braun, JKF kills nuclear bomber on cost
Air 1969 Concorde Supersonic air travel, USSR in 1968, Aug men on moon
Air 1977 McacCready Paul Gossamer Condor man powered airplane
Air 1986 Airbus A320 replaces some hydraulic controls with electronic and some computer rather than pilot decisions
Air 1989 US AirForce Stealth Bomber B-2 invisible to Radar
Air 1991 Bendix KingAirAvionics Collision avoidance ordering evasive action if needed
Air 2001 USSR Mir space station abandoned after 15 yrs, plunges into Pacific
Road 1815 McAdam John Crushed rock for road paving, not tar or asphalt
Road 1818 Sauerbronn Karl Primitive steerable bicycle, padded seat
Road 1831 Hancock Walter Steam powered 10 seat bus London-Stratford
Road 1839 MacMillan Kirk Velocipede with treadles and driving rods, no rider feet on ground
Road 1845 Thomson Robert Invents and patents uneconomic air filled rubber tire
Road 1860 Lenoir Joseph 2 stroke internal combustion single cylinder electric ignition, coal gas fuel
Road 1861 Michaux Pierre Boneshaker bicycle with pedals on front wheel and cranks
Road 1863 Lenoir Jean Internal combustion car 3mph
Road 1870 Hock Julius Gasoline, not coal gas internal combustion
Road 1872 Brayton George RI 2 stroke internal combustion at 1876 fair inspires Otto 4 stroke
Road 1876 Lawson John Safety bicyble with power from pedals to back wheel, equal size with front
Road 1885 Daimler Gottlieb Motorbike
Road 1885 Karl Benz Tricycle auto
Road 1886 Daimler Maybach Four wheeled auto
Road 1888 Dunlop John Pneumatic tires for bumpy roads, factory
Road 1893 Maybach Wilhelm Float feed carburetor to mix gas/air for explosive power in cylinder
Road 1902 Renault Louis Drum brake, UK Lanchester disk brake better heat disperse
Road 1902 Wilkinson John Air cooled auot engine
Road 1904 Holt Benjamin Tracked vehicle
Road 1911 Kettering Charles Auto self starter
Road 1911 MacCarroll June White line for center, mandated by CA 1928
Road 1913 Ford Henry Model T auto Assembly line
Road 1914 Cleveland Ohio Red green traffic lights
Road 1915 UK Army Tank to overcome German Barbed wire
Road 1915 Fruehaul August Tractor trailor for trucks
Road 1929 Wankel Felix Rotary internal combustion engine, commercial in 1950's
Road 1930 Dicksee Cedric Diesel for trucks, autos
Road 1935 Magee Carl Parking meters in Oklahoma City
Road 1935 Fuller Buckminster Dymaxion 3 wheel auto, streamlined, max efficiency
Road 1936 Porsche Ferdinand Volkswagen Beetle, overtakes 15 million Model T in 1972
Road 1940 PA Lazlo Penn turnpike opens, LA Arroyo Seco Parkway (Pasadena) start of freeways
Road 1948 GM Cadallic tailfins, style and Studebaker/Chrysler streamline extension
Road 1950 Rolls Royce Gas turbine auto
Road 1962 Devol Georg Unimation markets 1st industrial robot
Road 1980 St. Gotthard Tunnel 10.2 mi longest tunnel, Alps Zurich to Italy