Invention, Discovery, Event
Boat 1770 Bushnell P-Turtle Hand operated, 1 man sub, attaches bomb to ship, moves via propeller innovation
Boat 1787 Fitch P-2ndSteam Side paddles, then back forth paddles at back, later reciprocal steam and paddlewheel
Boat 1797 Livingston Robert Samuel Morey to NJ for fast steamboats. Side paddle wheel fails for Morey, not for Fulton
Boat 1807 Fulton P-Robert Clermont, pair paddlewheels at mid mast, sidewheeler
Boat 1837 Bruenel I Builds Great Western, regular steam Atlantic crossing, sufficient coal
Boat 1861 Ericsson John Metal hull Monitor after metal armored Merrimack
Boat 1897 Ship Turbine Turbina success converted Navy to turbine ships, Mauretania by 1907
Boat 1904 Fessenden Reginald Depth finder using electromagnetic waves
Boat 1905 Submarine German U Boat
Boat 1906 Forlanini Enrico Hydrofoil wings to elevate hull reduce drag
Boat 1908 Sperry Elmer Gyrostabilization patented reduce roll by tilt vertical axis of spinning gyroscope
Boat 1908 Anschultz-Kaempfe Herman Gyroscopic compass for true north
Boat 1915 Langevin Paul Sonar to detect icebergs
Boat 1918 Bell Alexander Hydrofoil reinvented
Boat 1943 Cousteau Gagnan Aqualung, compressed air pressure control valve
Boat 1948 Piccard Auguste Bathyscaphe for deep underwater exploration
Boat 1954 Rickover Hyman USS Nautilus atomic powered submarine
Boat 1954 MacLean Malcolm Containerization begins from NY to Houston
Boat 1955 Cockerell Christopher Hovercraft
Boat 1956 MacLean Malcolm Containerships inaugurated
Boat 1959 US Canada St. Lawerence Seaway opens, 27 ft depth double 1803 Canada original
Canal 1450 Italy Locks from China like gunpower, paper before, canal boom start
Canal 1761 Egerton Francis Brit hires surveyor James Brindley, coal via canal from Worsley estate to Manchester
Canal 1792 Britain Peak as 32 canal projects compete for capital, railroads next
Canal 1825 Clinton DeWitt Erie canal opened, 364 mi, start 1817
Canal 1869 Suez Panama Suez in 1869 to Aida, Panama in 1914 after French failure, Goethals health, Stevens Culebra Cut
Canal 1869 Lesseps Ferdinand Suez completed ground level through desert from Med to Red seas
Canal 1880 Lesseps Ferdinand Fr attempt in Panama
Canal 1914 Goethals George Panma Canal Aug 14, 51.2 mi, 87 ft high, Culebra cutGatun L
Railroad 1770 Cugnot Joseph Steam carriage, steam power to single front wheel, no tracks, abandoned, no political support
Railroad 1801 Treviak Richard Steam powered carriage, 4 day success, then careless fire due to boiler water evaporation
Railroad 1807 F-Rail,Trains Locomotives Summary
Railroad 1825 Stephenson George First passenger and freight, Stockton & Darlington RR
Railroad 1830 Stephenson P-George Rocket engine selected, rail boom start
Railroad 1836 F-US Summary Contrast from UK
Railroad 1864 Pullman George Sleeping car few years after dining cars
Railroad 1867 Westinghouse George Air brake, simultaneous car braking, automatic
Railroad 1869 CP UP Promentory Point link of transcontinental railroad Big 4 plus Durant
Railroad 1879 Siemens Werner Electric railway in Berlin, trolley in suburb
Railroad 1904 TransSiberian Russia Started 1891
Railroad 1912 Sulzer Swiss Diesel locomotive
Railroad 1964 Tokyo Osaka High speed bullet train
Railroad 1981 TGV France 236 mph record
Railroad 2003 China Maglev Shanghai to airport 20 mi, 250 mph, also first astronaut 14 orbits