Builders of 20th Century America Public Works

Internet Links to Builders Course Syllabus Topics by Category

 I. Transportation

Roads and Highways

1a NY West Side Highway

1b NY Cross Bronx Expressway

1c NY Lower Manhattan Expressway

1d NY Long Island Expressway

1e NY Grand Central Expressway

1f Divided Highways

1g Interstates;

1h Interstates and Urban Congestion

1i CA Interstates;

1j Caltrans

1k SF Freeway Revolt

1l LA Freeways

1m Lincoln Highway

1n Route 66;


Bridges and Tunnels

2a NY Brooklyn;

2b NY George Washington

2c NY Triborough ;

2dNY Whitestone

2e NY Holland Tunnel

2f NY Queens Midtown Tunnel

2g NY Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

2h SF Golden Gate

2i SF Bay;




3a Transcontinental

3b Southern Pacific

3c NY Penn Station

3d History;



4a Commercial Aviation History

4b Boeing 707


4d CGO O’Hare'Hare_International_Airport;


4f CA LAX;



5a NY Erie Canal

5b CGO River;

5c Staten Island Ferry

5d Containerization;


Mass Transit

6a NY IRT 1904

6b NY Subway History

6c LA Red Cars



Other Transport

6f NY Timeline

6g NY Port Authority

6h Alaska Pipeline


II. World War II

6m CGO

6n SF

6o Detroit Ford Willow Run


III. Water and Hydropower

7a LA Timeline

7b LA Aqueduct to Owens

7c LA Mulholland St. Francis Dam

7d LA Power

7e SF Hetch Hetchy history

7f Hoover Dam

7g Cadillac Desert

7h Colorado Water Agreement 2006

7i Grand Coulee Dam

7j Columbia River Basin

7k TVA History


IV. Housing and Buildings

8a Title I Analysis

8b Urban Renewal History;

8c Urban Renewal and Growth

8d Urban Renewal and Aftermath


8e CGO Architects;

8f NY Urban Renewal Slides

8g NY Stuyvesant Town


8i SF Height Limits


V. Building Blocks

8m Elevator,1361,CLI1,00.html#Top

8n Steel development

8o High Rise structural engineering

8p Asphalt

8q Synthetic Rubber

8r Architecture History

8s Plastics and Petrochemicals

8t Building Green

8u Silicon Technologies:


VI. Arts and Amusement

9a NY Central Park Links

9b NY Ebbets Field

9c NY Crystal Palace 1853

9d NY Jones Beach

9d NY Riverside Park

9e NY World’s Fair 1939

9e NY World Fair 1964's_Fair;

9f NY Lincoln Center

9g PA Philadelphia Centennial Exposition

9h CGO Columbian 1893

9i SF Pan Pacific Exposition 1915


VII. Leaders and Builders

9m Robert Moses

9m New Yorker

9m NY Times Obituary

9m Columbia Symposium

9m Park Bio

9m Projects Links


Other Leaders


9n Jane Jacobs


9r Daniel Burnham

9r CGO Columbia Exposition 1893

9r SF Plan 1906

9r CGO Plan 1909

9r CGO Lakefront Parks


9s William Le Baron Jenney

9t Louis Sullivan

9u Franklin Roosevelt

9v Herbert Hoover

9w Frederick Olmstead;

9x Othmar Ammann

9y Henry J. Kaiser

9z Bechtel


VIII. Places

10a CGO Millennium Links

10b CGO Encyclopedia Online

10c CGO Postcards

10d CGO History

10e CGO City of Century

10f CGO Last Boss Mayor Daley


10g NY Neighborhood Architecture Images

10h NY History

10i SF Earthquake & Fire

10j Saudi Arabia