-600 BC Thales, Static Electricity, 1600 Gilbert Magnetism Electricity, 1752 Franklin Kite Lightning Electricity


1800 Volta Pile First Storage Battery, Napoleon Demonstration


1821 Faraday Develops First Electric Motor, 1831 Faraday Ring Electromagnetic Induction to Another Coil


1831 Joseph Henry Independently Discovers Electric Induction, 1830's Develops Early Telegraph, Relay


1837 Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail Develop and Demonstrate First Practical Telegraph with Henry Relay Help


1838 Crookes Wheatstone Develop UK Telegraph, 1843 Morse Success with Baltimore Washington Transmission


1850's Cornell, Sibley Consolidate Telegraph Lines, Form Western Union, 1858 Cyrus Field Transatlantic Cable


1861 Transcontinental Telegraph Completed Along Pony Express Route, 1866 2nd TransAtlantic Cable Success


1875 Alexander Graham Bell Develops Telephone, 1876 Patens and Demonstrates at Philadelphia Fair


1876 + Patent Fights with Gray and Western Union, 1900 AT&T's Vail Builds Monopoly Telephone Business


1876+ Early Telephone Development Highlights from Bell and Watson to AT&T and Theodor Vail