1877 Phonograph Invention Makes Inventor Thomas Edison the Wizard of Menlo Park Lab


1977 Edison and Berliner Improve Telephone Transmission, 1877 Edison Carbon Microphone Lasts Into Radio

1877 Berliner Introduces Gramophone, Edison Improves Disk Cylinder Phonograph


1878 Edison Expands Industrial Research Lab at Menlo Park, Commits to Inventing Electric Light Bulb


End 1879 Finds Carbon Filament in Vacuum Bulb That Lights Over Hundred Hours Before Burning Out



Jan1 1880 Edison Demonstrates Lights Throughout Menlo Lab, 1881 Brings Samuel to US as Personal Assistant


1880-2 Edison Construct Pearl St. NY Station Generating and Distribution System for Electric Lights

Graemme Dynamo Prototype for Edison Generators, NJ Light Bulb Factory


1882 Pearl Station Startup: Underground Cables, Dynamos, Bulbs as Infrastructure for Vast Electric Expansion


1880 Morgan Finances Edison Direct Current (DC) System, 1881 Elihu Thomson founds Electric Equipment Co.


1869 George Westinghouse Patents RR Air Brake, Marries Marguerite, 1881 Founds Union Signal & Switch


1884 Deri, Blathy, Ziperowsky Induction Coil AC Transformer; 1886 Adapted by E. Stanley at Westinghouse





1883 Edison Brings Tesla from Paris, Tesla Improves Edison Motors, 1884 Tesla Quits when Not Rewarded

1887 Tesla Invents and Patents AC Induction Motor and Generator, 1888 Westinghouse Buys Rights


1889 Tesla at Westinghouse to Implement Alternating Current (AC) motor and system


1883 Charles Coffin Buys Thomson Houston, Builds more Profitable Business than Edison General Electric

1888+ Edison Wages War of Currents Against Westinghouse/Tesla AC to Preserve Edison DC Investments

Edison Tries to Ban AC and Create Safety Fears, Despite AC Superiority of Transmission, Transforming

1884 Parsons Demonstration of Steam Turbine Further Weakens DC Potential



1892 GE without Edison after Morgan merger with Thomson Battles Westinghouse for 1893 Chicago Fair

1893 Westinghouse with AC System Wins 1893 Chicago Fair ( Columbian Exposition), Great Success of AC


1894 Westinghouse Wins Niagara Contract with AC System, War of Current Won, Tesla Works on Wireless





1880's After Pearl St, Edison Moves Labs to West Orange, Forswears Electricity after GE Loss


1900 Morgan Invests in Tesla Work, 1907 Forces Westinghouse Receivership, Limits Electric Innovation


1996+ Niagara Success and Electric Infrastructure Leads to Vast Electric Growth

1893+ Samuel Insull Build Large Dynamos in Chicago, Lowering Electricity Cost