1920 KDKA Pittsburgh Westinghouse Station Broadcasts Election Returns, Sarnoff Licenses Armstrong System


1926+ Sarnoff Develops NBC Red, Blue, Westinghouse Networks, 1928 Paley Builds CBS from Independent


1884 Niepow Spinning Disk Basis for Television, 1884 Baird Mechanical Scanner, 1927 Farnsworth Electronic



1927 Everson, Gorrell $6,000 Investment in Farnsworth, Salt Lake to LA, San Francisco Camera 9-28 Success


1928 SF TV System Demonstration, 1930 Zworkin RCA Espionage, 1932 Farnsworth Philco Philadelphia

1934 Electronic TV System Patent, 1936-8 Philadelphia TV Broadcasts, 1938 Patent Sale to RCA $1 Million


1933 Armstrong Invents FM, Sarnoff Thwarts to Save AM Revenue for $50 Million TV Introduction in 1939

Armstrong Develops FM Independently Despite Sarnoff Barriers Until 1954 Suicide



1945+ Sarnoff Leads Introduction of Television, and in 1954 Introduces Color Television