1913+ Vast Hydroelectric Expansion: California, Colorado River, TVA, Columbia River



1940's+ Natural Gas Pipelines Supplement Coal and Hydro for Electricity Generation

2000+ Gas Shale Fracking Vastly Increases Electricity Fuel Supply, Solar and Wind Begin Growth


1890's+ With Electric Infrastructure for Lighting, Electricity Demand Expands in Homes, Factories, Offices

1890's Electricity Adapted to Manual Home Appliances, Extended to New Electric Appliances


1890's Electricity Replaces Steam to Provide Power to Factories, Offices, Construction

Textile and Sewing Machinery, Steel, Glass, Wood Construction Materials for New Skyscrapers


New Electric Intensive Industries of Aluminum, Auto Assembly, Electric Arc Steel, Plant Cooling



1885=1915 City Trolley and Interurban Rail Transport Dominance After Sprague Leaves Edison


1903 New York Bans Steam Locomotives, 1905 Electric Subway-Elevated System Opens


1900-1915 Chicago, Los Angeles and Other Interurban and City Electric Rail Systems Expand


1911-14 Edison Ford Plan for Mass Produced Electric Autos Collapses Due to Fire, Lead Trust, WWI, Cheap Oil




1900+ Electricity Provides Framework and Power for All Recorded Audio and Video Innovations

1877 Edison Phonograph, Carbon Microphone; 1887+ Berliner Gramophone, Tainter Telephone Recording


1878+ Edison and Eastman Develop Motion Picture Camera to Capture Moving Pictures


1896 Edison Patents Kinetescope Motion Picture Camera, Edison and Lumiere Brothers Produce Initial Films


1898+ Poulsen Develops Steel Wire Magnetic Sound Recording


1927 Al Jolson in Jazz Singer first Sound Movie, Based on de Forest Invention, 1928 Disney Animation


1942 AEG Magnetophone in Germany, 1946 Jack Mullin Finds Magnetephones in Germany


1947 Bing Crosby Invest, Uses Magnetic Recording for Radio Broadcasts, Ampex Develops Tape Recorders



1948 Goldmark Develops 33 RPM LP Records, 1949 45RPM, Rock Music Record Revolution


1890+ Electricity Replaces Manual or Steam Power in Printing and Office Equipment and Machines

1453+ Gutenberg Moveable Type and Printing Press, Top Event of Millennium, 1814 Koenig Printing Press


1827 Niepce Photo, 1839 Daguerre, Talbott Photography Developed with Light and Chemical Processes


1863-4 Bullock and Hoe Printing Presses, 1884 Linotype Shift from Steam to Electricity


1876+ Edison Mimeograph, Shoales Typewriter Revolutionize Offices, Add women to workforce


1890+ Electricity to Burroughs Adding Machines, Patterson Cash Register, Hollerith Punched Card Machines


1900+ Photo Cameras and Film Stay Chemical until Digital Shift to Electricity in 1970's

1900+ Typewriters Shift to Electricity Until 1980's Digital Shift to Computer Word Processing


1938+ Fred Terman of Stanford Launches Silicon Valley Hewlett Packard Among 3 Oscilloscope Firms

1922 Vannevar Bush Founds Raytheon, 1927 Builds Analog Computer, 1941+ Science R&D Head


1938 Chester Carlson Patents Dry Copy Machine, Xerox Flourishes, 1969 Starts PARC