1950+ Dramatic US Growth for Electricity, 2005+ Leveling Off, Rise of Gas, Decline of Coal

US Electric Split Roughly Between Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Little in Transportation

2002-2025 World Electricity Per Capital Expected to Rise Significantly, Highest in Developing Countries


US Energy Flows Indicate Petroleum Dominates Transport, Large Energy Waste for all Fuels

Electric Distribution System Built on Few Sources of Large Supplies, High Voltage Transmission

Petroleum Imports & Declining Reserves Needed for Transportation Create Energy Crisis in US and World


1990-2040 Hydraulic Fractionation Shale Gas in US Will Increase of Electricity from Gas, Lower Heating Costs

2010-2040 Other Countries Much slower than US in Fracking for Oil or Gas due to Complexity, Controversy


Power Plant Location Reflect Sources of Major Coal Gas, Hydro, Solar Sources, Population Concentration


2000+ Wind and Solar Will Grow Rapidly, but from Small Base and with Intermittent Supply Problems

2005+ Wind Cost Competitive, Solar Gaining, Gas Overtakes Coal, Improved Global Warming Outlook


Electricity Battery Storage Is Major Barrier to Motor Vehicle Use, Despite Recent Lithium Ion Advances


Electric Storage for Grid Transmission Will Improve, Won't Help Transport Until Better Batteries


Higher Capacity Batteries with Faster Charge Rate Should Greatly Expand Electric Motor Vehicle Use

Electric 25% Gasoline Cost in Cars, but Batteries Add $1,000 Per 10 Miles to Initial Car Costs

Enormous Motor Vehicle Fuel Saving Potential related to Changing Commute and Other Driving


Potential to Solve Energy Costs and Supply Crisis Through More and Better Use of Electricity


More Use of Electricity in Transport Can Increase Miles Per Gallon Through:

Better Use of Electricity In Work to Dramatically Reduce Commute and Travel Time  

More Efficient and Expanded Electric Use to Reduce Costs of Electric Energy While Raising Price: Performance


Continue to Find and Produce New Energy to Reduce Petroleum Demand and Price and Gain Potential to: