Population Growth Reduces Arable Land, Water and Fertility Enhance Productivity Yields



Energy Used to Produce, Process, Distribute Food and Reduce Loss


Foods Vary in Water Use, Waste and Nutritional Value


Malthus Theory on Food and Population Growth Continues to be Invalid Due to Innovation, Technology, Productivity


Wild Grains of Anatolia After Last Ice Age Evolved to Planted Crops, Irrigation, Settled Societies, Civilization


Ingenuity of Egypt and Fertile Crescent in Use of Energy to Manage Water to Grow, Distribute and Store Food

Three Field Crop Rotation in Medieval Europe to Increase Food Yields, Restore Soil Fertility


1492+ Columbian Food Exchange Between Europe and Americas, Sugar Becomes Dominant in Brazil and Caribbean


Equipment and Processing Innovations: 1701 Tull Seed Drill, 1810 Alpert Canning, 1830's Artesian Wells in US Plains


US Innovation in Equipment, 1830's Mccormick Reaper, Deere Plow, Processing & Presevtion Advances:1860's Bordon Condensed Milk


1865 Mendel and Start of Genetics in Europe, Rise of Chicago Stockyards and Armour in US


Glidden Barb Wire to Tame Plains, Swift Refrigerated Car for Eastern Meat markets


Carver and Burbank in Tomato, Peanut, new Fruit Innovation and Application, Henry Wallace Pioneer Hybrid Corn


1903+ Haber Bosch Process for Ammonia Production, Growth of Fertilizer to Expand Crop Yields


1930 Birdsey Pioneers Frozen Food Preservation, 1943+ Borlaug Leads Green Revolution


1943+ Staggering Growth of Grain Yields from Green Revolution


1953+ Crick and Watson UnRavel DNA Double Helix, 1976 Swanson and boyer Found Genentech


2000 Venter NIH Decode Human Genome, Animal Biotech BST Raises Milk Yield, 1996 Dolly Cloned



1970 Franz Develops Glyphosate Weedkiller, 2001+ Genetic Modified (GM) Seeds Spread to Major Agriculture Countries


GM in Seeds to Resist Herbicides Like Blyphosate, Deter Insects and Pests, Increase Drought Tolerance, Other Yield Factos


Testing confirms yield and trait improvements of GM Seeds, No Food or Ecosystem Detriments Observed


Growth of GM Seeds, Chemical Companies Shift to GM Life Science Emphasis

2003+ Ethanol from Corn for Energy Security Creates Food-Fuel Tradeoffs and Conflicts


GM in Animals May be Much More Politically Sensitive than Plant Seeds, Aquaculture Potential to Revive Depleted Fish Stocks