Fresh Water Cycle of Biosphere and Runoff Supplies Growing population Demand


River Runoff Supplemented by Groundwater, Surface and Reservoir Storage


Glacier and Ocean Water Uneconomic to Supplement Fresh Runoff and Groundwater


Drip Irrigation Enhanced with Meters, Sensors, Monitors Can Save Half of 70% Agriculture Water Use


California Water Supply Tied to Winter Snow and Runoff to Reservoir Storage



1900-25 California Water Supplemented by Hetch Hetchy and Owens Valley Water Systems


1930+ Colorado River Water and 1935+ Central Valley Project Water


1950+ California State Water Projects Supplements Early Federal and City Water Projects



Critical Balance of Maintaining California Delta Before Moving More Water South



Mississippi Most Extensive of US River Systems, Challenge of Flood Control, Dead Zone, Ogalalla Aquifer


Amazon Basin and Guarani Aquifer Supply Most of South America Fresh Water, Threat of Overuse and Deforestation


Over 3 Billion People in Asia Rely on Himalayan Glaciers and Monsoons for Fresh Water


Enormous Dams and Water Projects in China to Move Himalayan Water North


40% East Asian Water Flows North to Arctic Largely Unused, Aral Environment Disaster


Water Always Biggest Challenge of Mid East and Africa


Energy Require for Deslination is Cost Effective Only in Desert Where Few People Live