Over Billion with No Improved Water or Sanitation, Scarce Water Severe in Mid East, Africa


Expansion of Drip Irrigation with New Sensors, Monitors, Controls Could Add to Water and Nutrient Delivery Savings


Improve California Central Valley Water Use to Preserve Groundwater, Avoid Salt and Flooding Delta Threats


Improve Water Pricing to Provide Incentives for Both Rural and Urban Conservation


Apply Water Use Information to Change Habits and Industrial Processes to Realize Savings


Use New Technologies and Smart Meters to Save Both Water and Energy in Residences and Offices


Use Water Recycling Technology for Grey and Black Water in Homes and Residences


Emulate Las Vegas Indoor Water Reuse and Recycling Success in Large Urban Areas


Retrofit Water Treatment to Capture, Treat and Reuse or Return Both Inside and Outside Fresh Water




Harvest and Use Rainwater in Rich and Poor, Urban and Rural Environments


Recoup Capital and Operating Costs of Water Distribution Projects on Equitable Basis, Correct Past Inequities and Subsidies


Use Rural Grid Network Information, Smart Water Meters to Understand Water System Costs and Use and Set Recovery Pricing


Learn from Water Pricing and Reuse commitment of other countries, Expand Improved Water and Sanitation Worldwide


Understand Why Desalination Energy Costs Limits Application to Resource Rich Desert Areas


Investigate Climate Alternation and Other Geoengineering for Energy, Water, Food Breakthroughs