Equipto Company

The following history of Equipto is included from http://www.equipto.com/pages/frameset/frame_history.html while an Equipto profile is being developed. Equipto opened in Aurora when Thomas Dunham moved his family business from New Jersey in 1913. For many years Equipto was then run and owned by Thomas's son John, who still lives in Aurora. In the 1990's the company's president who is John's nephew, Tom Matyas. In 1993 Equipto operations were relocated to Dallas, TX where they continue today.


Equipto has been a leader in the space utilization market for years. A consistently better product, outstanding customer service and an attitude that keeps clients coming back has made Equipto what it is today. Equipto's philosophy is that they want to make it as simple as possible to do business with them.

From Cars to Complete Space Utilization Systems - Equipto Evolves

It all began in 1907, when Thomas M. Dunham began developing motorcycle headlights and sidecars in Aurora, Illinois. With the increase in automobile production, motorcycle parts soon were not in such high demand, so Equipto began producing body parts for Ford Motor Company's Model T Chassis. As the relationship with the car industry flourished, Dunham began hearing other needs within the automotive industry. One car dealer needed heavy-duty shelving to store large, hefty car parts and the idea for space utilization products was born.

As World War II approached, Equipto retooled to produce various steel products needed for Allied efforts. It was during this time that Equipto diversified its product line to meet the demand for other space-saving products. John C. Dunham, Thomas' son, took over the business after World War II and continued to develop products and expand the customer base beyond the automobile industry. In 1991, Thomas Dunham's grandson, Tom Matyas, became President and CEO.

Today, Equipto's customers range from industrial clients such as Caterpillar and Boeing, retail clients using display shelving like Mikasa and The Gap, to healthcare facilities such as Mt. Sinai-Chicago and DuPont Medical Systems that utilize Equipto's filing products.

Growth and Expansion

The company that began in 1907 was having growing pains in the '60s. The Aurora plant had been the only home to Equipto's headquarters and sole manufacturing plant, but in 1970, growth in business necessitated that Equipto expand operations to two new manufacturing plants in Tatamy, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas.


Setting Themselves Apart From the Competition

As the company grows and flourishes, new products and systems are being built. It's not just one product that sets Equipto apart, it's their entire line of products. Ranging from mezzanines to Mobile Aisle systems, Equipto makes a better product that they stand behind and guarantee. Many of Equipto's products have stood the test of time and continue to be big sellers in the market.

One such system that was built in 1963 is the V-Grip™ System. Because of it's unlimited versatility and quality design, this system is the cornerstone of Equipto's successful product line. V-Grip™ is much more than a heavy duty shelving product. All the components can stand-alone or be combined to build the perfect solution to any space utilization problem. V-Grip™ is only one of the many success stories that make up the history of Equipto's popular product lines. In the future, Equipto will continue to lead the market with product innovations and space utilization systems.

Today and Beyond

After more than 80 years in Aurora, Illinois, Equipto's customer base reached across the U.S. and into many other countries. In an effort to centralize management and production, Equipto relocated its global headquarters to Dallas, Texas. As Equipto continues to grow and extend its product lines, customers can expect the same innovation and quality that has made Equipto what it is today: the industry leader in space utilization products.