Falling, Mountain and Flowing Water


Universe 15 Billion Years, Earth 4.6 Billion, Life 3.5 Billion


Origin of Life Flowchart, Humans 70% Water


Oceans Cover 70% of Earth, Average 2 Miles Deep, 97.5% Water Salty

Earth Rotation, Moon, Sun, Gravity Create Ocean Tides and Currents


90% Freshwater Inaccessible, Locked in Ice Caps or Deep In Earth


.3% Water in Hydrolgic Cycle of Precipitation, Storage, Runoff Supports All Life



Band of Deserts in SW N. America and N. Africa through MidEast to S. Asia


Population:1-2 Million at 0 AD, 1 Billion by 1750, Near 7 Billion Today

Increasing Urban Migration Results in More Water Demand Per Capita


Food Productivity Increases to Meet Population Rise, Water Availablility Mostly Constant


About 70% Water Used for Agriculture, 20-25% for Industry, 5-10% Residential

Up to Half of Water Used in Agriculture, Industry and Residential is Wasted

Half of Water in Hydrologic Cycle Never Used, Potential for Up to 50% Improvement


1.2 Billion Without Running or Improved Water, High Cost, Hours Carrying

2.5 Billion Without Sanitary Water, 5 Million Deaths/Year, Mostly Poor Children


Lakes Primary Storage for Hydrologic Cycle Bakal and Great Lakes Largest


Rivers Primary Runoff for Hydrologic Cycle, Most People Near Rivers, Coasts

Amazon 1/3 of Total 50 Large River flow, tenfold of Mississippi, 25% World Oxygen

30% Large River Flow in 10 Asian, 6 S and E to 2.5billion, 4 to Artic Mostly Unused

Mississippi Largest in N. America, St. Lawerence, Columbia, Colorado Important

Mississippi Missouri Basin Drain Hearland of U.S.


Colorado River Water and California Dams for Arid SouthWest


American Wetland Removal Creates Ecosystem and Biodiversity Threats

1780-1980 Over 90% California Wetlands Vanish, Over 80% in Midwest, Dam Threats


Forests and Fertile Soil Critical to Water Storage, Tropical Forests Best


Accessible Groundwater Aquifers Being Rapidly Depleted with Little Replenishment

Largest Aquifers in Argentina, US, Australia, Sahara

Scarcity and Conflict Make Water Part of Powder Keg of Mid East