1849-83 Most Miners Arrive by Ocean, Hydraulic Mining Damages Valley and Foothills




1858-1915 Miller Lux Valley Cattle Empire, 1886 Riparian Rights, 1895 FolsomHydropower



1905 Salton Sea from Colorado Flooding, LA Plans Owens Valley Water Source

1913 Owens Water Delivered by Aqueduct to LA


1899-1923 Fight to Build Heth Hetchy for SF Water Supply, Hydropower

1934 Hetch Hethcy Water to San Francisco, 1936 Dam Raised


1930's Central Valley New Deal Projects, Snowfall for Irrigation, Power, Aqueducts South


1940's More Aqueduct Colorado Water to LA After Parker Dam

1940's San Diego and Imperial Valley All American Canal for Colorado Water



1951-68 State Water Project to Move Water South Around Delta Centered on Oroville Dam


1972 Central Valley Water Pumped over Tehachapi to LA Basin


California Precipitation and Climate Vary Dramatically by Year and Region

Sierra and Cascades N Cal Snowpac Runoff Determines Water Available for Crops


1970-Present 90% of California Wetlands Lost, Higher than Over half in Other US


1980's-Present Controversy of Peripheral Canal and Ecosystems of Delta


Past and Future Plans for Preserving Delta In Limbo as Global Warming Threat Looms


1983-Present LA Water Limited By Mono Lake Preservation, Arizona Colorado Allotment


With Population Growth, California Water Supply Adequacy Is Uncertain in Future

Reservoirs Critical for Storage and Water Adequacy, Use Improvement Essential


1776 San Francisco Mission and Presidio Location Determined by Water Access



1850's -1929 Mountain Lake & Spring Valley Companies Provide San Francisco Water


1913 On - SF Builds Hetch Hetchy Amid Ongoing Environment Controversy


Southern Cal Water Still Limited to Owens Basin, Colorado River, SWP Aqueducts