Emerging Asia Crisis From Growing Water Stress from Population Rise and Global Warming

Population Concentrations Near Rivers, Coast, Fertile Soil, Groundwater



Asia Water Determined By Topography, Climate, Lead to Population, Food Distribution


Tibetan Plateau Is Source of Major Rivers Flowing South and East to Population Masses


Flow of Ganges from Himalayas Supplemented by Monsoons for India Water


India Groundwater Depletion as Population and Crop Irrigation Oupace Water Runoff


Large India Dam and Reservoir Construction Can't Offset Groundwater Declines



Mekong Lifeline for SE Asia, Development Hampered by Multiple Country Dependence


China Strained by Water Abundance in South and Water Scarcity in North

Water Projects from Grand Canal in 1400's to Three Gorges, Water Transfers North Plans


Six Major Asia Rivers Flow North from Tibet Plateau Including Two to Aral Sea Disaster



Irrigation to South of Aral Drains Water, Devastates Econosystems, Economy


Allure of Moving Mostly Unused Russian Rivers Flowing N to Meet Desparate Needs South


Unique Ecosystems of Largest Freshwater Lake Baikal and Flow North to Arctic


Extremes of Australia Drought Plagued Murray-Darling S of Enormous Aquifer


Africa Faces Lake Chad Loss & Water Scarcity Despite Congo Basin Below Sahara


Aquifers Help N Africa and Egypt Relies As Always on Nile Flows


Aswan Power, Flood Control, Storage Benefits Offset with Evaporation, Environment Losses


Water Is Flash Point With Palastine Israel, Critical as Oil in Persian Gulf

Israel Drip Irrigation to Make Desert Bloom contrasts With Gulf Ecodisasters