Less than .3% Water is Fresh & Surface Flowing, <50,000 Cubic KM, Mostly Unused


North and East Mountain Snowpack Stored in Reservoirs Augments CA Waterflow



Groundwater Supplies 20-40% CA Demand Depending on Dry or Wet Year


Greater Variance in Supply than Use in Wet & Dry Years, Use and Price Vary by Region


Residential Saving Potential



With Modest Investment & New Habits Water Teatment & Reuse Yields Large Savings


Groundwater Conservation/Recharge and Rain Harvesting Increases Fresh Water Supply


Nov. 4 2009 CA Approval of Water Laws for Delta, Storage, Conservation, Conveyance

More Political Breakthroughs Needed in CA and US for Water Use & Infrastructure



New Dams Needed in Developing World for Africa, Asia Supply Crises

Cost, Sediment, Health, Ecosystem Solutions Needed to Justify Benefits


Monsoon Rain Harvesting, Erosion Control, Water Supply/Sanitation Imperatives


Preservation/Expansion of Tropical Rain Forests Related to Carbon Tax/Credits


Expand and Improve Drip Agriculture to Gain Up to Fourfold Yields and Water Saving

Realize Further Crop Water Saving Potentials from Biotech, Satellite IT, Sensors, Monitors


Realize Economic Water Cost and Increase Rate Fairness to Farms, Commerce, Individuals


Extend Up to 90% Recycling and Clean Water Improvement from Industry Since 1900

Extend Water Reuse to Homes, Offices, Factories, Stores

Develop Waterless Sanitation Potential to Reduce Sewerage System Costs

Evaluate River Flow Diversions If Needed for Asia/Africa Populations/Supply Crises

Understand Costs and Benefits of FreshWater Creation, Landfill Projects


Understand the Linked Problems and Potentials of Energy and Water Past & Future:

As Source of Power, Food, Life Since Dawn of Civilization

Through Steam to Power Industrial Revolutions

Through Hydropower as Cleanest and Cheapest Electricity Fuel

As Nuclear Coolant and Solar Steam to Expand Electricity Fuel, Reduce Petroleum Demand

Reverse Osmosis, Chemistry, Solar Still Could Make Desalination Cost Effective

Hydrogen May Be Developed as Cleanest Transport Fuel with Water as By Product


Water, Energy, Global Warming Connections Provide Both Peril and Potential

Global Warming Is Accepted as Threat Due to Build Up of Greenhouse Gases, Largely Fossil Fuel CO2 Since Industrial Revolution

Glacial Samplings Demonstrate Global Warming Cycles For 400,000 Years, CO2 Is One of Several Greenhouse Gases

Global Warming Will Result in Erratic and Extreme Weather and Rising Ocean Levels, Making Increased Cloud Cover Imperative

Geo Engineering Potentials for Sea, Earth, Atmosphere to Slow Global Warming and Add Water While CO2 Is Reduced

In Attempt to Build on Symbiotic Natural Animal and Plant Systems to Create Greener World, Transportation Is Achilles Heel

Attempts to Increase Green Electricity in Transportation & Alter Jobs as Biofuels & Hydrogen Resolve Costs and Environment Problems

Expanded and Distributed Electric Grid Essential for Solar/Wind Electricity, Algae Biofuel May Help Coal CO2 Problem in Interim


Will Fertility Decline Provide Time to Resolve Fresh Water Supply and Use Challenges