Wild Grain Domesticated in Fertile Crescent After Last Ice Age

Helped Transform Hunter Gather Societies into Settled Civilzations



Domestication of Animals for Work, Irrigation and Pumping of Water

Integral to Settled Societies Based on Agriculture

Writing, Language and Law Develop to Support

Communication and Accounting to Integrate Agriculture and Town Services


Nivigation, Seafaring Breakthroughs of Phoenicians Lead to

Great Mediterranean and Beyond Trade


Greek Arts, Philosophy, Math, Science Advance Civilization

Alexander Empire Spread Common Values of Learning, Order, Culture


Roman Empire Extends Applies Greek Advances to Infrastructure, Continuity

Value of Roads, Transport, Aqueducts, Control through Legions


Sea Trade in Indian Ocean, Silk Route to China

Globalized Trade beyond Roman Empire


China Leads in Innovative Technologies

Iron/Steel, Paper, Silk by 1st Century AD


Arabs Sweep West and East from 630 AD, Maintain Western Civilization Learning

Norsemen Raid Europe, Sail West, Establish Russia, Crusaders to Arab controlled Holy Lands


European Trade Among Italian City States, Antwerp Textile Mills, English Wool

Medicis Lead Florence Renaissance, Hanseatic League Dominates N Europe Trade from 1250


Gutenberg Advances Europe Communication with Printing in 1453

Da Vinci Invents and Designs Advanced Transport and Mechanical Breakthroughs


Chinese Confucian Society and Civil Services Results in Stability and Continuity

Invents and Applies Gunpowder, Moveable Type, Porcelain by 1100's


Chinese Turn Inward After Completion of Grand Canal in 1400's

Triumph of Cheng Ho Chines Treasure Fleets through Asia, India, Africa Refuted


1450-1550 Age of Exploration Race for Souls and Gold in New World

Spice Routes Around Africa to Indies after 1453 Constantinople Fall to Turks


British and Dutch East India Introduce Capital Companies, Compete in Indies Spice Trade

British and French Supplant Spanish Dominance in Americas,Compete in Trade


1700's Industrial Revolution in England Transform Society, Production, Trade, Wealth Generation

Metal and Textile Technology Breakthroughs Supplemented by Steam and Factories


1769 Watt Steam Engine Applied to Textile Inventions in Automated Power Looms and Mills

1733 Kay Flying Shuttle, Hargreaves Spinning Jenny, Crompton/ Arkwright Mule/WaterFrame


1776 Adam Smith Explains Industrial Revolution and New Cap[italism in Wealth of Nations

1830's Dickens Writes of Social Changes from Move to Factories and Cities, Spurs Political Action


1750's Franklin Spurs Experiments and Advances in Electricity

1760's+ Frontier Pushes West as US Gains Indpendence, Hamilton Establishes Economic System


1793 Whitney Cotton Gin Alters Economy of South

Whitney Innovation of Manufacutring with Interchangeable Parts Transforms North Decade Later


1807 Fulton Commercializes Steamboats on Hudson

Erie Canal Overshadows Mississipi in Movement of Goods out and People Into Midwest


Railways Dominate Land Transport for Century After 1830, Major Railways East West

Vanderbilt Moves from Steamship to Rail Empire, Baldwin Leads in Locomotives


1834 Morse Builds on Electric Advances with Telegraph to Speed Communications


1800's Global Economies Through British Empire, US Minfest Destiny

1800's Post Napoleon Stability, Marx Challenge to Capitalism


1854 Perry Sails Into Tokyo Harbor, Ends Japan Isolation

1859-1890's Oil Discoveries, Rockefeller Standard Oil Dominates Illumination Markets


1850+ McCormick, Stockyards Spur Chicago Transport Hub

1870+ Carnegie Consolidates Steel Industry in Pittsburgh


1876 Bell Advances Communications with Telephone

1880+ Edison Advances Electric Lighting, Develops Distribution System


Tesla Westinghouse Prevail Over Edison Through AC Distribution

Hydroelectricity from Turbine Generators


1870 Gery Unifies, Builds to European Industrial Dominance

1905 Japan Defeats Russian Fleet at Port Arthur


1914-18 Enormity of Cost and Loss in Stalemated Trench Warfare

Empires Fall, Colonolialism Weakened, Seeds of Ongoing Europe Civil War in Treaty


1931-1941 During Decade of Depression Germany and Japan Attack Europe Asia


1939-45 US Aids Allies Through Lend Lease, Become Arsenal of Democracy

Russians Stop Germans and Turn Tide With Stalingrad and Push to Berlin



1941-45 US Pushes Back from Conquered Islands of Pacific, Atomic Bombs End War


1943-45 Allied Leaders Meet at Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam to Determine Post War World

Bretton Woods and UN Conferences Lay Foundation for International Finance and United Nations