1941-5 Enormous War Cost, Destruction in Europe & Asia

US Marshall Plan, Communist Containment, Cold War Results


1950+ Korea, Mideast, Vietnam Conflicts

1947 India Independent, 1953 USSR Develops Nuclear Weapons


1959+ USSR Claims ' We Will Bury You'

1960 US Campaigns on Missle Gap, Neglects Economic Intelligence


1961 Ike Warns of Military Industrial Complex

1960+ USSR Split with China, US-USSR Confrontation in Cuba


1950+ US Begins Decline from Peak of Nearly Half of World GDP

1950+ US and OECD Continue, GDP/Capita Growth, 1990+ BRIC Rise



1950+ Trade Far Exceed GDP Growth

1950+ US Shifts from Net Exporter to Enormous Importer


1960+ Globalizers Outpermorm other Countries in Economic Growth

1968+ US Income Gap Begins Widening, 1980+ Marginal Tax Rates Drop


1980+ Trade and Federal Budget Deficits Raise National Debt

$14 Trillion US Debt, 50% External Debt to Asia


1920+ US Becomes More Urban than Rural, Now 80% Urban


1956+ US Housing and Interstates Speed Growth of Suburbs


1803+ US Oliver Evans Spurs Steam, Motor Vehicle Advances

Railroad Growth Ensure Century Delay of Motor Vehicle Industry


1885+ Germans Develop Auto and Internal Combustion Engine

1903+ Ford Perfects Mass AutoProduction to Lower Costs


1890+ Morgan Supports Trusts for Cost Effectiveness

1900+ Roosevelt Fights Agains Monopolies


1901+ Texas and Western Oilfields Support Los Cost Gasoline for Autos

1913 Ike Caravan for Better Roads, 1956 Interstate Highways


1907 Baekeland Ushers In Century of Plastics, Petrochemicals

1914+ DuPont Acquires GM Control with Raskob, Installs Sloan

1930 Dupont Carothers Discovers Neoprene, 1935 Nylon

1936+ Petrochemical Supply for Polyethelene and Other Synthetics


1937 Chevron Discovers Saudi Oil

1941 Women in US Workforce, 1945+ GI Bill for Returning Veterans


1886+ Fight for Industrial Unions at Haymarket, Homestead, Michigan


1930's Union Triumph in Autos Add to Coal, Rail Dominance

1960+ Union Decline as Technology, Services Grow, Factories Fall


1900+ Marconi Wireless, 1920+ Sarnoff Radio Broadcasting

1927 Farnsworth Invents TV in SF, 1939 RCA TV at NY Fair


1820 Babbage Difference Engine Foreshadows Modern Computer

Ada Lovelace Explains Computer, First Software Developer


1947 Mauchly and Eckert Vacuum Tube ENIAC Computer

1947 Brittain, Bardeen, Schockley Invent Transistor at Bell Labs


1959 Kilby, Noyce Invent Integrated Circuit

1960+ IBM Introduces 360 Mainframe Computers, 1968 Intel Formed


1968 Arpanet Precursor to Internet Based on Pcket Switching

1993+ Mosaic Developed as Web Browser


1977 Apple II. 1978 Microsoft Founded

1980 Englebart Mouse, 1980 IBM PC


1903 Wright Brothers Pioneer Manned Flight

1930's Douglas DC3 Catalyst for Profitable Commercial Aviation


1938 UK Whittle Perfects Jet Engine for Aviation

1978 Airlines First Major Move to US De Regulation


1941-45 Kaiser Revolutionizes Rapic Libery Ship Production

1956 Trucker McClean Introduces Containerization


1956+ Containerization Revolutionizes Cost of Ocean Transport

Containization Growth Supports Overseas Factories


1970+ Japan Shifts to Electronic, Auto Exports

1980's Deming Helps Japan Quality and Productivity


1978+ Deng Consolidates China Power, Implements Market Econonics

1980+ Rapid Economic Growth, High Saving, Little Political Reform


1978+ Deng Leads China in Pragmatic Rapid Growth

1979+ USSR Invades Afghanistan, Stagnates Economically


1980's Geriatric USSR Rulers Supplemanted by Gorbachev Reforms

1984+ Gorbachev Introduces Economic and Political Reform


1989 Eastern Europe Free, 1991 USSR Dissolves

1991+ India Reforms, China Continues Spectacular Growth


2000+ Economic Growth and Power Increasingly in Asia