High US GDP/Capita, Despite High Wages Compared to Non-OECD Countries

Greatest Wealth Generation in History in China Since 1980

While Consumer Spending % GDP Plummets and Savings Soar


Outsourcing in US of IT Services Much Greater Than Offshoring, Mostly to India and Ireland


US Auto Employment Declined and Shifted to Foreign Producers Since 1970

Auto Parts Jobs Much Larger Than Auto Company Jobs

Auto Engineering and Production Costs Vary Greatly By Country


US Transition From Rural to Urban Population Parallels Farm to Factory Shift

Keynesian Economics Applied Since 1930's By Governments to Moderate Economic Cycles

Tax Rate Changes and Income Inequality Vary Since 1913 Income Tax


OPEC Oil Price Rises of 1970's Increases Financial Sector Through Recycling Surpluses

US Responds to Energy Crisis With Inflation and Real Estate Price Rises


Volcker Defeats Inflation With Interest Rate Hikes, Reagan Tax Cuts Yield $200B+ Deficits

USSR Afghanistan Invasion and Defense Burden Continue to Weaken Economy


1980's Rim of Asia Thrives on Exports, China Begins Rise and 10% GDP Growth

1989 Eastern Europe Free from Soviet Union, 1991USSR Collapses


1990's US Jobs Increase by 21Million, Mostly in Government, Education, Health Finance Services

1990's NAFTA Job Loss to Mexico Threat Overshadowed by Asia Export Gains


2000+ US Liquidity After Dotcom Crash Inflates Constructions, Masks Factory Job Loss



2007-9 Financial Services and Housing Growth Lead to Financial Meltdown, TARP, Stimulus

US Budget Deficit Soars In Attempts to Restore Economic Growth, Lending, Job Growth


2010 US Government Deficit, Public Debt, Trade Imbalances Limit Initiatives for Fast Recovery