1954+ US Service Jobs Overtake Manufacturing and Labor Unions Decline

1960's Great Society Initiatives Help Reduce Income US Gaps Before Start of Ongoing Widening


US Sweatshops Exist into 1900's Before New Deal and 1970's OSHA Regulations

US Concerned About Working Conditions In Exporting Countries


1970+ US Environmental Regulations From EPA to 2008 CO2 Under Clean Air Act

Concern of Cost and Effectiveness of Government Environment Regulation


China Hydro and Water Movement Projects to Relieve Energy Pressure, Coal Pollution Threats


Critical Limits of Fresh Water Supply in Asia Due to Dependence on Rivers from Tibet Glaciers

Environmental Disaster of Drying Up of Aral Sea Limits Hope of Siberia River Use for Asia


Industrial Pollution of USSR and Chernoybl Disaster Continue to Threaten Clean Growth

Amazon and Other Rain Forest Loss Adds to Carbon in Atmosphere and Global Warming Fears



US Thrived on Immigration Since 1776, Still Largest None Native Populace in World

1970 + US Immigration Shifts from Europe to Latin America and Asia, 12 Million Undocummented