Financial Boom and Bust Econonmic 20 Year Cycles Through 19th Century

Financial Sector Rise During Post Civil War Industrialization with Little Regulation

Activism of Theodore Roosevelt in Monopoly Breakups, Consumer Protection


1913 + US Income Tax Adopted, Rates Adjusted in Changing Economic Conditions

1933+ Government Banking Regulations , Glass Steagall Separates Investment and Consumer Banks


1973-9 OPEC Oil Boycotts, Price Increases, Banks Recycle Surpluses to Third World Debt


1971 Nixon Ends Gold Convertability, Imposes Emergency Wage Price Controls

1970's US Real Estate Rise Begins, Finance Expands, Misery Index Before Volcker Beats Inflation


1973 End of Fixed Stock Commissions, 1978 Airline Deregulation

1980+ Reagan View of Government as Problem Ushers in Era of Increased Deregulation


1999 End of Glass Steagall, 2000 Dotcom Collapse, Fed Responds with Liquidity, Low Interest

2000+ Housing SubPrime and Finance Boom Until September 2008 Financial Meltdown

Threat of Trade and Currency Wars to Believed Globalized Economy Job Losses in US


$14 Trillion US Debt Approaches GDP, Limits Recovery Stimulus

US $1.3 Trillion Budget Deficit, $800 Billion Trade Deficit

Ongoing Politcal Demands for Tax Limits and Entitlements Despite Low Tax Rates