Jobs, Wealth and Values in a Globalized Economy

Dominican OLLI Winter 2013 Saturdays Jan. 12-Feb. 16, 10:00-11:45 am

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Selected Recently Published Books on Globalized Economy

New Industrial Revolution: Consumers, Globalization and End of Mass Production, Marsh, 2012

Why Nations Fail: Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty, Acemoglu, Robinson, 2012

Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of Next Economic Miracles, Sharma, 2012

Makers: New Industrial Revolution, Anderson, 2012

Innovation Economics: Race for Global Advantage, Atkinson, Ezell, 2012

Obama and China’s Rise: Insider’s Account of America’s Asia Strategy, Bader, 2012


Crisis of Capitalist Democracy, Posner, 2010.

Post American World, Fareed Zakaria, 2009.

Globalization, Bruce Greenwald, 2009.


Sonic Boom, Gregg Easterbrook, 2009,

Splendid Exchange, William Bernstein, 2008.

Hot Flat and Crowded, Thomas L. Friedman, 2008.

World is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman, 2007.


Global Capitalism: Fall & Rise in 20th Century, Jeffrey Frieden, 2006,

Moral Consequences of Growth, B. Friedman, 2006.

Revolutionary Wealth, Alvin Toffler, 2006.


Three Billion New Capitalists, Prestowitz, 2005.

2010 Meltdown: Solving Impending Jobs Crisis, Edward Gordon, 2005,

End of Poverty, Jeffry D. Sachs, 2005.


Making Globalization Work, Joseph Stiglitz, 2005.

Globalization a short history, J. Osterhammel, 2005.

Origins of Value: Financial Innovations to Capital, William Goetzmann, 2005.

In Defense of Globalization, Bhagwati, 2004.

In Praise of Empires: Globalization and Order, Lal, 2004.

Globalization and Its Discontents, Joseph Stiglitz, 2002

End of Nation States, Ken Ohmae, 1995.


McKinsey Global Institute Articles and Publications on Globalization and Offshoring

McKinsey Quarterly Globalization Articles,

McKinsey What Matters Essays on Globalization,

McKinsey Quarterly Outsourcing and Offshoring,


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