1950's Life in Downers Grove and Aurora Illinois and Beyond

Post World War II life in Downers Grove and Aurora Illinois is mostly recalled through memories of families and community groups like schools, scouts, churches and playgrounds. Memories are often expanded by what is recalled from life around us or events such as trips, music, movies and visual images.

The individual tabs to the right each represent reflections on highlights of growing up in Chicago suburbs. Many are captioned images. Others include text usually to provide narrative connections and historical context which relate to images from those years. They help trigger memories of where we were, who we were with, how we felt and what we gained or learned from the stream of childhood experiences and impressions of thyears after World War II. Each tab reflects a theme or topical area of content that may help give more meaning and memory to now distant times.

Since most are related to family, friends and relatives, they are included on www.rodhandeland.com, but not accessed through the main public home page, which is more related to broader aspects of business and technology history. Hopefully, they might be of interest to family and friends, who may have lived through some of same times as we did or enjoy many of the same places or entertainment as we did, which is associated with text or images of each tab.

In contrast to the abundance of images available through phones, cameras and social media now, there was much less retained from our times in the 1950's in Chicago suburbs and before. Consequently many of the visual substitutes are from Google images to serve as catalysts to help bring back a time of life when images now are mostly in our minds. These Google image supplements help me better see, imagine and even understand the way we were.

For a similar approach to life outside our Downers Grove, Aurora and Evanston through college years Forward to Travel and Trips in Chicago Area and Beyond provides a similar approach what can be learned and recalled from travel experiences both near and far from home.

For similar perspectives and highlights of life since moving in 1965 from Chicago area forward to San Francisco memories.

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