Reflections and Recollections of Our Times

For every fact, facet and interpretation of aspects of the rise and evolution of Aurora manufacturing, there are many more individual views and perspectives. These indicate that Aurora manufacturing was only one of a multitude of recollections, which form recollections of living and growing up with Aurora. This How We Recall segment is to capture these broader perspectives and views of Aurora through the years and how they may have influenced individual lives and thoughts of both past and future.

Currently this segment includes four examples of how these individual thoughts have been expressed. They are presented here in hope that others will add their own views on what they recall of Aurora’s past as well as how they believe this will help meet opportunities and challenges of the future.

 Personal recollections and views on a lifetime in Aurora

 Review comments for West High 1961 Class

 Perspectives of other Aurorans

 Personal views related to individual companies

 Midwst Memories

Please help us turn these samples into a broader forum by adding your views of Aurora in an era of manufacturing or times since.


Your Comments, Corrections, Clarifications, Changes, Additions and Suggestions



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How We Recall: Personal Reflections and Recollections of Our Times

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