1909-1920's Flying Barnstormers, Shows, Races, World War I


1910 Wrights shift from water to air cooled engines, train pilots, 1915 sell business after Orville 1912 death

1906 Brazilian coffee heir Santos Dumont develops and flies both dirigibles and airplanes in France



1906-16 Glenn Curtiss, others in Wright patent disputes, 1908-9 Air race victories in June Bug - NY, Reims


1909+ Air Shows in Europe, 1910+ US Air Shows, first in Long Beach Dominguez Field


1909 Bleriot Crosses English Channel Calais to Dover, Farman, Ferber pioneer new routes


After Wright and Curtiss, new aircraft developed: Farman III, Berliot XI,Groupy II, Breget OV. Avro F


1910 LeBlanc wins France Circuit d Est, 1911 Gilbert crosses Pyrenees, flies Paris-Rome


1912 Harriet Quimby Crosses Channel, barnstorms as does Beachley, both die in crashes


1913 Garros French aviator crosses Mediterranean, 1914-18 Europe develops war planes


1914-18 Airplane advances from observation to fighter to bomber, Fokker firing system

1916 US forces aircraft patent cross license, Curtiss NH4 Jenny for US, 1920 sells to Keys


Trenchard builds RAF for Britain, Von Richtofen and Goring head German Flying Circus


1914-18 Lone Aces to fighter squadrons to bombers over trenches of western front