Juan Trippe 1899-1981 PanAm Founder, CEO, Greatest Visionary of Civil Aviation


1917-21 Yale, 1923 LI Air, 1925 Colonial, 1927 PanAm via merger with two competitors

Powerful Washington and New York contacts, airline operations landing rights, airmail contracts


1928-9 Three prong expansion to Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Panagra venture


1930-1 East coast to Brazil, Argentina with mail contract, NYRBA acquisition


1932 Thwarted by Europe landing rights, turns attention to Pacific, all US to Manila

Nov 1935 Test Pilot Musick with Sikorsky, West to Honolulu, Manila Arrival


1934-6 Discover Wake Atoll, build base, equip Wake, Guam, Midway for passengers


Oct. 1936 Weekly Passenger Mail Martin China Clipper Service to Manila, Hong Kong



1935 Martin Clippers to Rio & Buenos Aires, 1937 South Pacific to New Zealand


1939 Boeing 314 Clippers Across Pacific to Hong Kong, Cross Atlantic via Bermuda or Azores


1939 Treasure Island Clipper Base for Pacific flights and Fair as WWII Begins


Dec 7, 1941 Clippers all escape attack to serve as troop ships through 1945

End of romance of Flying Boat Clippers as PanAm and Trippe look to post war