Juan Trippe 1899-1981 1933 Time Cover 1936 Plotting Routes Chrysler Building 1940 Report to American People 1949 Time Cover




1917 Yale Football 1936 PanAm CEO 1927-68 1935 Plotting PanAm Routes on Old Globe in Chrysler PanAm 1927 Key West 1929 Betty, Ann-Charles Lindbergh, Meusick, Trippe 1925 Colonial Airlines 1928 to Cuba, 1929 PAA to Nassau


1926 Colonial 1st AirMail, 1929 S-38 Dutch Guiana, Lindberghs Trippes, 1929 Trippe Lindbergh F-10 Miami Dedication, 1930 Priester Engineer, Trippe, Young Pacific 1930 Lindbergh Trippe SA, 1934 Miami Seaplane, Miami Terminal



1936 S-43 Caribbean, 1930 Kingston Air Mail, 1931 S-40 Miami Boarding 1930 Panagra, 1931 O'Neill NYRBA PanAm Acquisition, 1931 Latin America Routes


1936 S-42 Miami, 1936 S-42 Takeoff, 1936 S-42 Serviced, 1938 Stratoliner NC 19903 S. America, 1932 NY Rio PAA Five Days, 1936 Mzyra Vargas Rio


1933-1941 PanAm Pacific and China Clipper

1936 China Clipper Hong Kong, 1936 PAA SF-Dateline, 1935 SF-HKG Route Map 1935 S-42 Hawaii arrival, 1935 Musick, Gray Chairman 1968, 1935 Igor Sikorsky, Edwin Meusick


1936 a 2 PAA Clipper HKG 1stUS-China 1 Manila, 1935 Wake Is construction, 1935 W Midway, Philippines construction 1936 M-130 Cutaway, 1936 Midway, 1935 Wake, Guam, Midway hotels



1936 PAA Clipper HKG 1stUS- China, 1939 B-314 HKG, 1933 Trippe buys CNAC from Keys 1939 Airport Treasure Island 1939 B-314 SF, 1939 M-130 SF




1930's Pan Am San Francisco

B-314 from Pacific to Atlantic, B314 Overnight to Hawaii, China Clipper to Hong Kong, Pacific Flights Across International Dateline

1939 PanAm ATL 1st, 1939 Airport Treasure Island, 1941 Clipper Pacific Sunset 1935 Apr 16 Musick SF-Hawaii S-42, 1939 Boeing Flying Boat SF Bay, 1930's SF East to Treasure Island Airport Plan




1937 TransPac trophy Trippe, Beck-Collier, FDR, 1935 M-130 China Clipper SF 1935 1 PAA Clipper HKG 1stUS-China, 1936 China Clipper Cutaway, 1936 China Clipper Golden Gate


1936 China Clipper Golden Gate, 1939 B-314 Treasure Island, 1936 China Clipper Golden Gate 1970's PanAm Golden Gate, 1949 Stratocruiser over San Francisco



1939-1945 PanAm across Atlantic and World War II Clippers in Arms

1940 Laguardia Marine Air Terminal NY, 1940 PanAm Report to American People, 1941 PanAm Life Magazine Cover 1939 PanAm World - LDN, Lisbon, 1942 B-314 Saipan, 1941 Singapore, 1941 B-314 LaGuardia maintenance



1942 B-314 Flying PAA Clippers, 1943 B-314 Casablanca Leahy, FDR, Hopkins, Capt. Cone, 1942 Stettinius FDR 1947 DC-4, 1939 B-314 for Atlantic Cutaway




1946-1957 Post War PanAm before Jets

1940's Pan Am NY Hudson, 1946 L-Constellation NY-LDN, 1949 B-377 Stratocruiser NY-Europe 1948 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, 1949 Stratocruiser 377 London, 1948 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Rio




1950's Stratocruiser SF-Hawaii, 1950's Stratocruiser Lower Lounge, 1950's Stratocruiser VanWyck NY 1950's a Paris PanAm, 1949 B-377 Stratocruiser SF-Hawaii, NY-Europe, 1950 Stratocruiser Tail





1930-1970's PanAm Pilots and Crews

1960's Stewardess PanAm, 1935 SF-Hawaii - Jaraby, Canaday, Musick, Noonan, Wright 1947 DC-4 Top Captain Rowe, Crew 1960's Stewardesses PanAm, 1940's Navigator Shooting Stars




1976 B-747 SP, 1944 Pan Am Stewardess, 1960's Stewardesses 707, 747 1950's-80's Flight Bags, 1950's Uncle Sam's your skipper, 1950's Rockwell Eyes that see around the world

1940 B-314 Dining, 1950's Stratocruiser food service loading, 1948 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Cabin 1950's Boeing 707 Cutaway Model, 1947+ PanAm Around the World, 1947+ Pan Am Around the world 2 week vacation



1950-1970 Path to PanAm Introduction of Jet Age

1950's Dash-80 Boeing 707 precursor, 1940's Passengers Boarding, 1950's Joe DiMaggio, Louis Armstrong on Stratocruisers 1950's Boeing 707 Assembly, 1950's Tex Thorton Boeing test pilot, 1950's Boeing 707 rollout



1958 Jet Age inaugural PanAm Boing 707 NY-London, 1960 Ray Milland to Rome, 1960's Fonda's boarding PanAm 1963+ PanAm JFK Worldport terminal, 1960's Pan World of Experience, 1964 Beatles arrive at JFK on PanAm




1958+ PanAm Boeing 707, 1949 Juan Trippe for Time Cover, 1958 Boeing 707 Introduction on PanAm 1970's JFK Aerial International to PanAm Worldport, 1970's PanAm helicopter Manhattan-JFK, 1963+ Gropius PanAm replaces BI dream


1970+ Boeing introduction of Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

1970's Boeing PanAm 7474 taxiing to takeoff at JFK, 747 cutaway configuration, 1970 PanAm 747's lead to mass market air travel and sad path for PanAm, 1970+ 747 evolution and PanAm dissolution