1919- 1939 Aviator Pathfinders and Airline Formation


1919 North Atlantic crossed via Azores, Newfoundland. London to Australia flight


1919 Alcock and Brown Vimy to Canada for non stop contest to Ireland with headwinds, Churchill award


Ross and Smith blaze month long path from London to Australia in Vickers Vimy


1927-37 Pacific Crossed and Passenger Service Established, 1924-38 Round the World flights


1919+ Initial Scheduled Passenger Airlines formed and consolidated, supported by subsidized air mail


International Airlines Speed Transport to Colonial Empires


1920's International passenger cabins luxurious, but accompanied by noise, bumps, air sickness


1919-27 Airplanes primarily for air shows, barnstorming, mail and very limited passenger service


1927 Lindbergh NY- Paris Solo Flight Generates Vast Passenger flight Interest in US and Europe


1927 Oakland to Hawaii Maitland flight, 1928 Kingsford Smith Oakland to Australia


1925+ Kelly air mail act and Postmaster Walter Brown subsidized air mail to force passenger service growth


1930 Per pound to space available subsidy for airmail forced United, American, TWA, Eastern consolidation


1929 Keys TAT coast to coast train -airplane service, 1930 United adds stewardesses to reduce passenger fear


1931, 1933 Wiley Post round the world in Vega Winnie Mae

1932 Amelia Earhart solo Vega flight to Europe, 1937 lost over Pacific


1934 Act returns air mail from Army to airlines, forces aircraft and airline separation, Boeing and Keys sell


1930's Aircraft developed for passengers as United inaugurates B-247, TWA the DC-2 and American the DC-3

CEO's 1930's to 1960's: United-Patterson, AA-Smith, EAL-Rickenbacker, TWA-Frye-TWA, Woolman-Delta


1930's Airlines become successful with DC-3, Martin and B-314 flying boats dominate Pacific and Atlantic flights