Technology Breakthroughs: Solutions to the Food and Energy Crises

Bibliographic Book Resources and Reference Links  

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Overall Curriculum Recommended Books

The Plot to Save the Planet: How Visionary Entrepreneurs and Corporate Titans Are Creating Real Solutions to Global Warming, Brian Dumaine, 2008,


Biotech 2008 Life Sciences: 2020 Vision to 2020, Burrill & Company, 2008,


Earth : the sequel : the race to reinvent energy and stop global warming / Fred Krupp and Miriam Hor, 2008.



Other Book Resources

Last Hours Ancient Sunlight, Hartmann, 1998.


The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, Pollan, 2007.


Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future, Jeff Goodall, 2006


Eco- Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth, Lester R. Brown, 2001,


The End of Food, Paul Roberts, 2008.


Clean Tech Revolution, Wilder Pernick, 2007.


Earth: The Sequel, Krupp, Horn, 2008.


Internal Combustion, Edwin Black 2006.

Articles and Research Report Resources


Food Technology Breakthroughs


Agriculture And The Origins Of Civilization

Ambio - Energy Consumption in the Food Chain

Dawn Of Civilization

Early farmers warmed Earth's climate - 11 December 2003 - New Scientist Environment

Fertilizer Technology Used Worldwide, But Few New Products Since 1970s

Paul Collier on the Food Shortage Crisis - Development Through Enterprise

Plant Physiology Online Abscission and the Dawn of Agriculture

Renaissance to Industrial Revolution - VASATWiki

Story of Farming

Timeline of historic inventions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What Will We Eat in a Hungrier World - US News and World Report


Genetically modified food - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Integrating the GM approach to improve crop yield - SciDev.Net

Smart Economy Biomimcry Researchers create synthetic porphyrins, that mimic plant photosynthesis efficiently harvesting ener

Transgenic Crops


Artificial photosynthesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

B.U. Bridge Boston University community's weekly newspaper

DailyTech - Solar Cell Makes Hydrogen Via Synthetic Photosynthesis

In Lean Times, Biotech Grains Are Less Taboo - New York Times

Penn State Live - Solar cell directly splits water for hydrogen

Plants May Teach How to Make Fuel From Sunbeams - New York Times

Smart Economy Biomimcry Researchers create synthetic porphyrins, that mimic plant photosynthesis efficiently harvesting ener


Energy Technology Breakthroughs


$200 Million for Electric Cars
Battery solutions for hybrid vehicles- Auto-Specials-The Economic Times
Cobasys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
EEStor Technology The End of Batteries
Firms Join Forces on Car Batteries -
Google Image Result for
Nanotechnology Now - Press Release QuantumSphere Announces Breakthrough in Clean Hydrogen Production for Industrial and Trans
Now We’re Cooking With … Batteries Print Article
Perfect Battery Search
Plug-in Battery $1000-10mi.
The Electric Car Battery War - BusinessWeek


Alternative Energy Technology Center (AETE) will produce ethanol for less than $1 per gallon Fleet Owner March 2008
Biodiesel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat - New York Times
Carbon Sciences
Genetics Researcher Suggests Making Fuel from Artificial DNA - findingDulcinea
Green Algae for Carbon Capture & Biodiesel
Scientists aim to boost world energy supplies -- with microbes!
The search for the perfect fuel - Apr. 22, 2008
UNH Biodiesel Group
Venture Capitalists Want to Put Some Algae in Your Tank - New York Times


A Dirty Game -
America's Coal Energy Statistics
analysis China's CO2 burden falls on U.S. -
Carbon Sciences' Breakthrough Technology Enables Production of Renewable Gasoline and Other Fuels - MarketWatch
Cleaning up CO2 - Environmental Engineers Use Algae for Carbon Dioxide Cleanup
Coal - Financing woes plague EU climate technologies EU - European Information on Climate Change -Rogers Duke Electric
FutureGen Goes Up in Smoke... and Clean Coal Technologies Fail Again iNSnet
Global Warming and the Future of Coal Carbon Capture and Storage
Google Image Result for
GreenFuel Technologies Corporation Frequently Asked Questions
MIT report debunks China energy myth - MIT News Office
Powder River Basin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Power Plant Efficiency Hasn’t Improved Since 1957 CleanTechnica
Scientists turning CO2 from coal-fired plants, algae into oil
The Bush Administration Takes Two Big Steps Backward on Carbon Capture and Sequestration
The Current situation of China’s Electric Power Industry
The man who would be Mr. Clean - Dec. 13, 2007
The Need for Additional U.S. Coal-Fired Power Plants - Position Statements


Can this man save the grid - May. 7, 2008
Duke plans program to cut energy use - Charlotte Business Journal
Efficiency Alone Could Cut 30 Percent of U.S. Electric Use and Avoid Need for 60 Percent of Coal-Fired Generation, New Rocky Mo
Energy efficiency The elusive negawatt
Google Taking a Step Into Power Metering -
H.P. Reports Big Advance in Memory Chip Design - New York Times
Hurdles (Not Financial Ones) Await Electric Grid Update -
Measuring Electric Power at Home Without Special Tools
Review the owl electricity meter
review Kill-a-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor 8 Get Rich Slowly
The Bridge to Smart Technology - BusinessWeek
Will Americans learn to love 'smart grid' -
Xynergy Corporation Fast Tracks Form 10 Filing to Achieve Full Reporting Status


$45 trillion urged in battling carbon emissions - Print Version - International Herald Tribune
'Cleantech' attracts venture capital - Nashville Business Journal
An Atlas of Climate Change - US News and World Report U.S.
Can Technology Save Us From Climate Change
China, India and climate change Melting Asia
CO2 Emissions Report
CO2 Pollution and Global Warming When does carbon dioxide become a pollutant (
Greenhouse gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How to Win the War on Global Warming - The Environment - TIME
McKinsey & Company - Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions How Much at What Cost
Op-Ed Columnist - And Then There Was One - Op-Ed -
Possible Fix For Global Warming -- Environmental Engineers Use Algae To Capture Carbon Dioxide
Profiting From Climate Change - US News and World Report
The Technology Gap in the Climate Debate - Dot Earth - Climate Change and Sustainability - New York Times Blog


An Ode to Oil -
BUSINESS FORUM PETROLEUM POLICY; It's Time to Put a Tax on Imported Oil - New York Times
Detroit Finds Green in Recycled Fuel-Economy Ideas - BusinessWeek
EIA - International Energy Outlook 2008-Natural Gas
Emerging Energy News GTC rebuts Carnegie Mellon LNG report
Energy Double, double, oil and trouble
Just in Case -
Minimum price for petroleum
Oil Industry Statistics from Gibson Consulting
The Real Question Should Oil Be Cheap
Winning the Oil Endgame-Homepage


Angeleno Group Leads $15 Million Investment in Miles Electric Vehicles
Automakers begin to move on plug-in cars Asia
BYD Plans Electric Car -
Chevy Volt Plug-in Car Batteries Ready for 2010 - GM Technical Center - Popular Mechanics
China's First Plug-In Hybrid Car Rolls Out - BusinessWeek
Current Chevy Volt Battery and Mule Update GM-VOLT Chevy Volt Electric Car Site
Detroit Should Get Cracking on its Googlemobile - BusinessWeek
Electric Cars at the Paris Auto Show - TIME
Energy Dept.’s Fund for Electric Cars Is Untouched - - DOE Transport PlugIns Clean Diesel - Magazine Article - Muscle to PlugIn to Hydrogen Cars
Gentlemen, start your turnaround - Jan. 8, 2008
GM Joins Utilities To Ensure Plug-In Hybrids Can Plug In Autopia from
GM Live Green or Die
GM shows off Volt, progress toward 2010 launch Business Reuters
GM-VOLT Chevy Volt Concept Site » Blog Archive » GM-Volt Exclusive Inside the GM Chevy Volt-E-Flex Battery Lab
GM-Volt Chevy Volt Electric Car Site
How GM is Accelerating Vehicle Development - 5-1-2003 - Supply Chain Management Review
Hybrid Car Blog - Everything about hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles Lutz describes Chevy Volt hybrid development
Hydrogen, Electric and Biofuel Vehicles - Alt Fuel Technologies are Catching Up to Gasoline - Popular Mechanics
Leading the Green Charge Print Article
My Other Car Is a Tata
NorwayElectricCarThink » VentureBeat Automakers jockey in 'electrifying' race to develop plug-ins
Plug-in cars sparking a power shift - Auto Tech-
Plug-in hybrid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Popular Mechanics
Putting the zoom into electric cars - Nov. 28, 2007
Switched-On Highways Print Article
The Associated Press China battery company launches plug-in hybrid car
The car industry's big chill The big chill The Economist
The Chevy Volt GM's Huge Bet on the Electric Car -- Printout -- TIME
The Road Ahead for Cars Print Article
Toyota Prius Battery Problems - Electric Motors Rethink at Toyota - Popular Mechanics
Wired News - AP News


Big Science Role Is Seen in Global Warming Cure -
Can U.S. Go 'Green' Even When Oil Prices Drop NPR
Economist's View A Price Floor for Oil - Stimulus breakdown $43 billion for energy technology
EIA - Electricity Data, Analysis, Surveys
EIA - Federal Financial Interventions and Subsidies in Energy Markets 2007
Electric power transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Environmental Capital - Biden's Beliefs Obama's Running Mate Calls Energy America's Top Issue
Environmental Capital - Obama’s Big Speech Yes We Can Include Energy - Magazine Article
FTD - FT900 U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services
GAO shines harsh light on advanced energy technology research Community
HowStuffWorks World Power Consumption Lots More Information
Obama plan could boost US solar industry - CIOL News Reports
Op-Ed Columnist - Mr. Bush, Lead or Leave - Op-Ed -
Power of the Future 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century LiveScience
Science policy Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the Earth
Stagflation Is back - May. 28, 2008
Tech Sector Could Star In U.S. Economic Salvation -- Wall Street Bailout -- InformationWeek
Ten most distortionary energy subsidies - Encyclopedia of Earth
The 10 big energy myths Environment The Guardian
The Oil Drum Net Energy Some Thoughts on the Obama Energy Agenda from the Perspective of Net Energy
The power and the glory
Three Existing Technologies that Will Make Oil Obsolete - Bearings
Wasting Our Watts -- Printout -- TIME
Who supports increasing petroleum fuel taxes (or oil price floor) - FCNL Issues


9. Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CSPV) - Alternative Energy - TIME
Biggest Solar Deal Ever Announced — We're Talking Gigawatts Wired Science from Exclusive
Clean Energy It's Getting Affordable
Deepwater Wind -
Editorial - T. Boone Pickens Rides the Wind - Editorial -
Epoch Times - Lowering Energy Costs Within 10 Years
Expect exponential progress - Magazine Article - Solar
FuturePundit Prospects For Solar Thermal Power
Germany’s key to green energy
Global Solar Energy Opens Landmark Manufacturing Plant, Sets Full-scale Production Capacity Records
Global Warming Solutions Releases Solar Energy Technologies Presentation
Hot Rocks Tapping an Underutilized Renewable Resource Scientific American
Hydroelectric power Ending a dammed nuisance
Let The Sun Shine -
More Insights Clean Energy and the Credit Squeeze - Green Inc. Blog -
Nanosolar’s Breakthrough - Solar Now Cheaper than Coal » Celsias
Nanotechnology Now - Press Release QuantumSphere Announces Breakthrough in Clean Hydrogen Production for Industrial and Trans
Op-Ed Contributor - Satellites With Solar Panels Can Beam the Sun’s Energy to Earth. - Op-Ed -
Penn State Live - Solar cell directly splits water for hydrogen
PG&E embraces solar thermal power technology
PG&E to buy solar power produced by mirrors in the Mojave - International Herald Tribune
Photovoltaic Power Extraction Breakthrough Announced by XET
Photovoltaics - an elegant technology for electricity (ScienceAlert)
Renewable energy German lessons
Renewable energy regulations may miss the mark, says MIT graduate student - MIT News Office
Solar Company Says Its Tech Can Power 90 Percent of Grid and Cars Wired Science from
Solar energy 'power towers' to light up California Green Tech - CNET News
Solar Photovoltaic Industry Cost and Price Trends
Space solar power Let the sun shine in The Economist
The Case for Terrestrial (a.k.a. Nuclear) Energy
The Outlook for Investing in Green Energy - US News and World Report
The Solar Hype Cycle Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me Xconomy Business The dance of the particles
Turning Glare Into Watts - New York Times
U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Home Page
Venture capitalist says U.S. losing green race
Wave power The coming wave
yergin Renewables becoming competitive in energy markets - Oil & Gas Journal