Innovation and Technology Potential Solutions

Near term solutions for energy based on increased electricity in motor vehicles

Motor vehicle electricity use dependent on battery improvement, incentive is $.75/gal cost, reduced CO2 emissions

Plug-in hybrids mass production by 2011 dependent on consumer demand and coal cost

Conservation and life style changes are half of solution savings in all scenarios

Global warming goal is solar, wind, wave or fusion cost competitiveness to coal and petroleum

Near term solutions for food are related to biofuels, micro lending, and nutrition education

Substitute sugar for corn and grain biofuels, develop algae and cellulose fiber technologies

Expand micro lending and agriculture education in developing world

Reduce meat consumption to relieve energy, grain supply shortages, health risks and costs

Alter food storage and distribution systems to lower energy use, cost, loss

Intermediate energy solutions from technology, cost reduction, fuel expansion, tax policy

Reduce carbon emissions by technology that lowers solar, wind, wave, geothermal, nuclear costs

Add algae photosynthesis approach for coal carbon to capture and store (CCS)


Start public debate on oil floor price and associated cap/trade, import/windfall profit tax approaches

Continue effort to move to electricity, hydrogen and other new fuels for transportation


Use information technology advances to design new and retrofit existing buildings for energy saving

Travel less, telecommute, develop and use smart grid and transport control electronics

Intermediate food solutions from life science acceptance, water-soil technologies, population level

Improved understanding and acceptance of balance between science and values in genetic modification

Technology to measure food, environment, water, soil, seed, growing, processing, distribution and expansion

Education and understanding of balance between family size, economic opportunity, quality of life

Shift of biotech health focus to food and energy objectives and potentials